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Ashley Harris

TSR Position: Editor In Chief

I am Ashley Harris: the wife to a wonderful man and mother to 5 amazing children. I love to read, write, sing, go to the movies and umm... oh yeah, craft!! I live in sunny Arizona and for most of the year, I love it.

I have been published in Paper Crafts Magazine, Scrapbook Trends, Crafts 'N Things, and Cards Magazine. Truly I love what I do!!

Location: Arizona
Main Gallery: Typepad Gallery

Scraps with: tight patterns
Scraps in: whatever I happen to be wearing!
Scraps to: Carrie Underwood
Scraps while eating: peanut butter M&M’s
Scraps while drinking: ice water
Scrap time: Whenever I can manage to get it in.
Scraps because: I want my kids to know I loved them enough to preserve our memories.

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