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About Us

We are a group of crafters who wanted to know the real deal about new products, expensive tools and industry trends.

We report on and review everything from adhesives to trimmers to big ticket personal cutting systems. With easy and comprehensive rating systems and TSR top picks, choosing the right products to add to your stash is just a click away.

We strive to be an interactive community where all are welcome to share opinions, ideas and inspiration. We have candid articles, a monthly newsletter, lots of give-aways and commit to bring you the latest and greatest from the Scrapbooking world.

Our Promise To You:

- We will always give you an honest and unbiased review.

- We will never report industry gossip.

- We will host a crazy amount of freebies and give-aways.

- We will take your comments and suggestions for this site into consideration.

- We will moderate this site properly so that it is a good experience for all.