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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If companies give you products to try, how do you keep the reviews honest?
A. We never accept products from companies unless they first understand that we will be honestly reviewing their items. We commit to reporting 3 pros and 3 cons for every product we review.

Q. I cannot leave a comment on a post. Is something wrong?
A. Certain posts on our site have the comments disabled. This includes our staff profiles and search categories.

Q. Do you ship prizes and give-aways to Countries outside of the US?
A. If the manufacturer will ship there. For every give-away we will always write whether or not prizes can be shipped Internationally.

Q. Can I apply to be a reporter for The Scrap Review?
A. We are not currently adding new reporters to our staff. However, anyone who would like to can submit an application through email and we will consider your work once an opening is available.

Q. What is a R.A.G.?
A. RAG stands for Reader Appreciation Give-Away. It's just an excuse for us to give you free stuff because we love you.

Q. I won a prize a while ago and still have not received it in the mail. Is it lost?
A. Probably not. Because we host so many give-aways we have a lot of mailing to do. Sometimes manufacturers mail the prize, but mostly, we do. To prevent constant trips to the Post Office, we ship all prizes just once each month. Please be patient with us. If you have waited more than 3 weeks for your prize and you live in the US please drop us an email at

Q. Can I contribute to The Scrap Review?
A. We love to hear what you think. We are always looking for comments and ideas for our site. We have made many deals with manufacturers to pass along any constructive criticism we receive after a review.

Q. Can I make a donation to The Scrap Review?
A. Yes! There are certain costs associated to running this site including hosting fees, image sharing, newsletter fees and shipping prizes. Because of our commitment to unbiased reporting we will never sell ad space on our site. We do accept and greatly appreciate donations in any amount as low as $5. At this time, these donations cannot be verified for a tax deduction. 100% of the donations will be used to fund maintaining the integrity of running of this site. Send donations to or click the button below.