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And the WINNERS are.....

First off, we had a surprise winner.
In secret, we planned to have our 500th member to sign up for our facebook group would win a prize.

Facebook Winner: Lynda Lindley
She Won: a Creative Options Craft Notebook!
We say: Congrats Lynda! Thanks for joining us on Facebook today and helping us meet our goal! In fact, we hit 630 members today! WOOT!

Studio Calico Footnotes Add-On: JulieP
She Said: Wowzers! Look at all those fabulous products!!I'm anxious to hear honest reviews on products, tools, etc. Perhaps little video clips on how to use some of the machines the Bind it All, Slice, etc. Information that will help me decide if a product is for me, kwim? Thanks!
We say: Fabulous input. We already have a YouTube account and will be uploading exclusive videos that coincide with out articles and tutorials from our genius team.

Studio Calico Wisdom Add-On: Norma Kennedy
She Said: What I am mostly looking forward to are the reviews. I'm tired of spending money , realizing that the item was not worth it and than only to find out that there were plenty of people who felt this way.A quick stop here before any shopping is what I'm talking about :' )
We Say: Yes! That is EXACTLY our objective. We hope to make our site an easy and constantly updating reference to check before you make a purchase!

Studio Calico Glossary Add On: Gabby319
She Said: First I have to say wow and double wow!! Never heard of this site before. Glad I stumbled upon it. Now I have to agree with the bit about brutal honesty here. We need to really know if a product is really all that or just a push to get sales jumping. I also want to learn how to correctly use a product and most of all, which product works best for what job, such as which glue for which thing , etc.
We Say: The good news is, we will be matter what. We will never accept advertising on this site. That is just one thing that sets us apart from other Review sites.

Magic Scrapbook Kit: Allison :-)
She Said: I am hoping several things from this site and only because I am limited in time. I am hoping that we will get to see what is current and product releases. I am also hoping that there will be some tips and a way to utilize tools and products. I am hoping all this for one place because my life has so much else in it that I don't have time to be going from site to site to see these things. I am excited by the prospect that this is what you will deliver!! Thank you scrap review!!!
We Say: We completely agree. We started this site because I always searched for a site like this to come to before I purchased a big item...and there never was one. So I finally made one myself!

She Said: I think with the demise of so many scrap magazines, I'd like to see maybe a monthly feature highlighting some new scrapbookers using some old standbys like paint or chalks. Maybe put out a call for pages featuring whatever and let your readers run with it and get involved. Or challenge us, give us 3 products to work with, see what happens!
We Say: Holy COW! What a FABULOUS idea! This is why we need you commenters! You're geniuses I swear! And this is a great idea we never thought of. Heidi and I discussed it and are planning on implementing this into the site. Thanks for the suggestion Girl!


A word from The Scrap Review Owners:

Readers, we just want to take a moment to say how completely thrilled we are with every single one of your responses all week long. We, at The Scrap Review, are just like you. We don't want to waste money, we want honest reviews and we want free shwag as often as possible. We are committed to making this site that resource for you.

We have worked carefully to assemble a crack team of reports, a very easy and comprehensive search feature so you can find articles easily and to organize and execute a well working site that can meet the needs of scrapbookers of all ages, skill levels and budgets! Please stop back here tomorrow for our first article (which has an accompanying tutorial video and a give-away) and visit all week for articles and give-aways of our favorite products. Some are new and some are old favorites, but regardless of the products, we promise to do our best to be honest and inspire!

Thanks for joining us...we hope to see you tomorrow!




Anonymous said...

I am so excited to see what the future holds for you!!!!! I'm sure whatever it is, it will be fabulous!


Jules said...

I am so excited to win!!! Thank you so much!! I love the suggestions by Ann and can't wait to see what's in store.

mustangkayla said...

Congrats to the winners! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us Scrap Review! I'm looking forward to my daily stops by on this blog!

Ravengirl said...

Can't wait!!! See you tomorrow morning!

PattiM said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners! Have fun creating......


(Pattie's passion)

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!

Shemaine Smith said...

Can't wait for your first article! So looking forward to what you'll sharing!

Day said...

I just found your site today - great idea! I'll be checking in often for some honest reviews!!

Jenn said...

Congrats to all the winners :)

mean mom productions said...

cool. I'd like to see reviews of the different software for digital scrapbooking. Everything from free to using power point up to adobe photoshop.

Anonymous said...

I'm coming here every day just so I can think of myself as a "genius", if only for a moment (the heading does say "Insights From Geniuses"!).

Kidding! Looking forward to the reviews, tutorials, and other great content. And the cute retro pics make me smile!

BethW said...

Congrats to all the winners! I had to laugh at the "trimmer" funny. The quest for one that cuts straight is like trying to find the perfect mascara. I keep buying but it's never the "ONE".

Jodi said...

Congrats to the winners, and thanks again for the wonderful giveaways!

Unknown said...

Congrats to everyone that won. Cannot wait for you all to START it UP here!

Ann said...

Holy cow, I won something! Thank you so much and I'm so glad you liked my suggestion. I'm totally looking forward to reading this blog!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited....sooo didn't expect to win anything and I did....hee heee.....doing a happy dance!!!!