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Winner + a few digi follow-ups

The winner of the Digital Scrapbook Artist software is...

Kimberly said...

Okay, I believe I am sold for sure. I am not a digital scrapbooker but enjoy digital elements and I do not own anything of this nature. I am probably the last person on this scrappy earth to not have Photoshop or anything comparable to it. So, I am hoping I win as this would be great for my budget. If not, I will be purchasing as this is not a huge investment and I feel it would allow me to do more with digital elements. Heck fire, the USER FRIENDLY sold me pretty quick as well. Thanks for the review!!

Hey Kimberly, please email me at with your deets and please write Scrapbooking Software Winner in the subject line.


DIGITAL SCRAPBOOK ARTIST - And now for a few much needed follow-ups based on your comments.

1. I was informed by another TSR team member that there is a way to change the size (ie: to 8.5x11") of your starting canvas. So there are options besides 12x12", including a card size and a few others. Thanks Ali! Our team is fabulous!

2. I received an email from Serif saying that there was a way to save at a higher dpi. I followed their steps to do so and was not given an option to save at a certain dpi, only a level of low to high image quality. I tried saving as a tiff and at the highest res and it was still only 98 dpi. This may be a user error on my part, but honestly, I could not figure out how to change it.

3. This program currently runs on PC only.

4. Cost Compared to other programs. Many of you commented that the Digital Scrapbook Artist software was almost the same price as Photoshop Elements. Here is a list of costs according to our research which only reports on the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price).

Program: Adobe Photoshop - CS4
MSRP: $699.00
Ease of Use: Difficult
Advanced Options: So many options it will blow your mind.

Program: Adobe Photoshop - Elements 7
MSRP: $139.00
Ease of Use: Intermediate
Advanced Options: Good options. Will not easily outgrow.

Program: Serif - Digital Scrapbook Artist
MSRP: $49.99
Ease of Use: Easy
Advanced Options: Could outgrow if capacity for computer knowledge is high.

Based on the rest of your questions...check back this Saturday for a special follow-up article about THE BASICS OF DIGI SCRAPPING. Including printing your layouts, e-books and where the best freebies can be found and references for products that fit your style.


Christine said...

I would love to know WHERE you all print out your layouts, you know, where do you get the best page for your $....also I'm all about the freebies. And cute kits! Sometimes finding a cute kit is hard. But I guess that's because I'm not a flowery, brushy type of scrapper, lol!

Mandy said...

Super excited about Saturday hubby just bought me Photoshop Elements 7 and I haven't even opened the box yet I was waiting to see what you all had to say before I opened it.

Aly Dosdall said... rock! thanks for all the follow up info. great job!

Holly Denghel said...

The MSRP for elements for photoshop may be $140, but you can get it on amazon for $80. I think that's where the "not much cheaper than elements" comes into play.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the follow up....!!

BethW said...

I've used some other Serif products so I went to their website hoping they might have a trial download. Alas it was not to be. I've been using Photoshop Elements since the beginning. In my opinion you always need to wait at least one upgrade before deciding to buy an upgrade. I just got 6-which was very inexpensive. If I decide to get 7, I'll wait until 8 comes out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the correction on the sizes you can do. It does make a big difference in choosing.

Theresa said...

I spend almost all day in front of a computer for work, so I really enjoy traditional scrapbooking as a chance to get away from the computer, plus I enjoy the "messiness" that goes with getting sticky fingers and using scissors and such. I also like the texture that I can touch and feel. PLUS I have a boatload of "stuff" that I need to put a dent into before I delve too far into the digital scrapping.

Having said all that, I enjoy learning about all the options, and the original review, along with this follow-up info, is especially helpful, as well as the comments and tips that other geniuses leave. Thanks everyone!

Unknown said...

Super! I will so let you know when it arrives and I give it a try. I am so tickled pink with THANKS for this give away. Now, I am certainly NOT the last scrapper in the world without a program. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE!

Unknown said...

I will be out of town, hopefully, I can get to a computer over the weekend and check back in for more digi happenings. Thanks for the information provided on pricing.

Curlywiggles said...

Looking forward to the basic's artice, i am a newbie at Digi!

Anonymous said...

I'm a digiscrapaholic and love that you are focusing a few posts on the digi happenings. I scrap with Photoshop Elements 6.0(PSE6). It cost me around $99, I watched sales and things to get it. Versions older than the current are usually less expensive and still available places like Amazon, Ebay, and even local stores.
I print my layouts from 12x12 prints are only $1. They are laser prints instead of traditional photo prints, but I find the quality is just as wonderful and I'm all about a bargain-the less I spend on printing, the more I can spend on supplies!

I'd love to give more commentary on this, and hopefully show a few more people how easy it is to digiscrap and how affordable it can be as well.