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Etsy Scrapbooking Picks

If you haven't yet heard of Etsy we want to introduce it to you today.
Etsy is an online sellers community (much like eBay) which only features handmade goods.

This is a great resource for cool, hard to find items as well as a wonderful opportunity to support those using their creativity to generate income. Etsy has a great selection of scrapbooking goods from artists all over the globe. From finished albums to homemade embellishments to cards and kit clubs. I asked our team to choose a current favorite scrapbooking item available for sale on

Here are their picks....

Brandi Wiggins-Côté

Stacked Paper Flowers
by Smart Lil Cookie

Anne Hafermann

Gorgeous crocheted flowers and butterflies
by Alman

Shelley Haganman

Sew Crafty Journaling Tags
by vmilan

Aly Dosdall

Vintage Paper Doll gift tags
by Seasonal Delights

Noel Culbertson

For the Birds Journaling Spots
by logan cale

Emilie Ahern

Colorful handmade buttons (but the felt birds are also to die for).
by TessaAnn

Check back later this week to see projects made with some Etsy scrapbooking goodies.
And for now, please leave a comment with links to some of your favorites Etsy scrapping finds.



Sam said...

Great finds, ladies! There are so many Etsy scrapping shops, it's hard to decide on a favorite. But, here are two: & (the 2nd is mine, just had to include it - LOL)

Marla said...

I have heard of Esty but not ordered or looked around there much. These are some pretty finds for sure.

Holly Denghel said...

I love etsy, but there are so many sellers!! It can be hard to find things. Thank you for sharing some new people ... I hadn't been to either of these.

mustangkayla said...

Etsy is such a neat place ! I love it! The only thing that is a turn off to me, is the amount of product! I could search and search forever. So really its not a bad thing, just a time consuming thing. I'm hooked on journaling spots sold there now.

stinker said...

i LOVE etsy! thanks for enabling me lol...i have added all these to my favorites!

some of my other faves are:

Jill said...

Thank you for this review. I also found some through a blog recently.
I love these, but have no patience going through a million shops to find them. Really appreciate it when scrappers help me out like this :)

Jennifer Mattix said...

I adore Etsy. Look for Tara Anderson/ The Pink Couch!! So great and it helps other crafters! Also look for Little Daisy Designs! Her stuff will make you die it's so cute!

Anonymous said...

I am a recent ETSY fan! I will definitely be looking these links up! TO tell you the truth though- I am looking at it for the non scrappy/paper stuff- I want the stuff that I can't do myself!!!! WHat a great way to support fellow craftsmen thought!
Big whoot whoot for ETSY!
Diane Cooper

Ms. Cheryl said...

Here are the shops I've visited and shopped:

visit and enjoy. ms.cheryl

Amy W. said...

love finding new etsy stuff! since i have an etsy i will share my link...

and then a good friend of mine has some fabulous journal jotters and such!

Amy Wilges

Unknown said...

Etsy rocks! I purchase things from there all the time. Simply, love it!

Theresa said...

I have never been on Etsy, but sounds like a great place to check out - I do consider myself the queen of internet shopping, so this might help put the capital "Q" in my queen status. Thanks for the tip, and for everyone sharing their favorite goodies!

Vicki said...

All those items found were awesome but I just loved those buttons. The one I found I really liked on etsy was this card:
It reminds me of my oldest son who loved the smurfs when he was a little boy in the 80's.

stephanie said...

i love the stickers and tags from
riff raff designs
and of course elles studio