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Swinging Deal Alert

I don't work for Cricut or anything (Sheesh..I WISH!).

But if you ever thought of buying a Cricut here is a swinging deal I saw while flipping channels yesterday and landing on HSN. It's the entire machine, four cartridges, the tools kit, an instructional DVD and all the inks for $350, including the shipping.

Trust me....that's an amazing deal!

And we haven't formally reviewed the Cricut Expression yet, so I cannot speak for the rest of the team, but I could not live without it. It's my personal pick for electronic die cutters. So if you have been thinking it over, this deal is a great one to act on.




Unknown said...

I have a question. I am an owner of the "Baby Cricut," and would like to know...other than Larger Sizes one can there any difference between the Expression and what I have?

Unused Account said...

Great question Kimberly!

Yes. There is a large LCD screen that shows which image you will cut. The ability to turn, flip and rotate images. The ability to cut images from 1/4" small to 24" large.

There are also a few perks like "fill the page", where you can touch one button and fill the page with multiples of the same image. Great for if you're doing a gazillion invitations.