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The Big Bite / Crop-a-Dile II

{reported by Susan Keuter}

This tool really BITES!

Now, if you live in a house full of teenagers like I do - you might take that statement as a bad one. But let's forget the teenagers for a moment {please, let's!!} This tool does exactly what its name implies - and then some! In my opinion, every scrapper should own one of these. Let me explain...

There are only a handful of scrapbook tools that I consider indispensable. The one I'm going to talk about today is called The Big Bite. It's also called The Crop-a-Dile II, but The Big Bite is much more fun to say in a group, don't you think?

Let's run down some facts:

The Big Bite by We R Memory Keepers is a tool for punching holes and setting eyelets. One of the nicest features of this tool, is it's reach. It has a full 6" capability - which means you can punch a hole in the very center of a 12"x 12" piece of cardstock.

The tool is all metal - except for the rubbery feet and handle cover, and some hard plastic guides up near the business end. All of this metal makes it a bit on the hefty side, but I think that is actually one of its attractive features.

The tip of The Big Bite is adjustable, so you can punch 1/8" and 3/16" holes. Which means you can set 1/8" up to 3/16" eyelets and snaps.

The power that is packed into this tool is amazing. According to the We R Memories website, The Big Bite can punch through paper, leather, fabric, plastic (such as CDs) thin tin and chipboard. But I have also used it to punch through stacks of Post-It Notes, clipboards, edges of Sterilite tubs and Converse All Star shoes {don't ask!}.

I have had my Big Bite for almost 2 years and I use it all the time. Mine has held up to my personal use, the kids' use, my neighbors use, to several plane trips, to scrapbook classes and to several make-n-takes at local conventions. It's durable, sturdy, easy to operate and quick to adjust to different settings.

Here are some examples of things I have used The Big Bite for:

I recently bought a tower of 12"x 12" drawers for paper scraps. When it came time to label them I thought ribbons would be the most durable. In came The Big Bite. The hole punching in the front of each drawer was a piece-of-cake.

I'm all about recycling when I can. This is a recycling trick I picked up from a friend some time ago, and I use repeatedly! I use product packaging to make Stickles templates!

I draw or trace a shape onto a piece of copy paper, then tape it to the backside of my plastic packaging. I grab The Big Bite and work my way around the outline, punching 3/8" holes as I go. When I remove the piece of paper I'm left with a template that is just perfect to use with my Stickles bottles.

These templates I use for all kinds of quick-and-easy embellishing!

My daughter loves to raid my chipboard stash to make jewelry. That means she's also going to grab my Big Bite. The Big Bite goes through chipboard like hot butter.

Here - she painted, embellished and Mod-Podged her chipboard square and let it dry overnight. Then, with a quick squeeze of The Big Bite a hole is made through the entire project. Flip the lever to the eyelet setting mode and her eyelet was set just as easily!

The Big Bite goes through five pieces of cardstock at a time - easy peasie! It actually goes through several more than that, but the holes don't come out quite as cleanly with more than five. And I'm all about nice and tidy punched holes!

Here is a suggestion for getting a stack of cards done in a matter of minutes. Stack up your cardstock, that's been cut down to the size you need.

Sketch a swirly line on the back side of your cardstock - and go to town with your Big Bite. I usually use the 3/8" holes in the center of the swirl, and taper down to the 1/8" toward the ends.

You'll end up with a stack of cardstock that is ready to be make into some funky cards!

The Nitty Gritty:

The Big Bite...Crop-a-Dile II. Available for purchase at local craft stores, as well as, and

What I like:

- I have yet to find a material that The Big Bite won't punch through

- It only takes one time showing someone how to use it - it's that easy!

- I love that it has a ruler-guide - because occasionally I'm in to making perfectly spaced holes.

What I don't like:

- Wouldn't it be cuter lime green?

- There is no reservoir for catching the punchies. I always end up with "holes" everywhere!

- The labels on the "head" of the eyelet setter are tricky to read. But I solved my problem... adding some metallic marker dots over the letters and numbers.

What do YOU think? Do you have this tool? Have you found any other cool uses for it? Have you made some cool stuff with it? I'd love to hear what you've done, and what you think.


Jennifer said...

I just got this a few weeks ago...I'm impressed that it can punch holes thru CDs with ease among other things! I'm looking forward to learning more and using it more! Thanks for the review!

Theresa said...

I purchased the Crop-a-dile II when it first came out. I already had the first generation Crop-a-dile. The II is awesome - it has a long reach, so can punch or set to anywhere on a 12x12 layout or piece of paper/cardstock, which I think is its key strength over any other similar product for hole punching or eyelet/grommet setting.

I have purchased a lot of scrapping tools, and I unfortunately have to admit that I have wasted a lot of money on things that either don't really work or have limited usefulness, but the Crop-A-Dile II is worth the price of admission!

Highly recommended!

Dalon said...

so I don't have a "Big Bite" (yet), but I do have the original Crop-A-Dile and OH MY it's the BOMB!! (teenager talk I guess) I can totally see where the Big Bite would make my life easier - having the flexibility of the 6" reach would be wonderful - thanks for sharing your thoughts!! (and your craft card ideas!!!)

Erica Hettwer said...

I totally agree wiith you on every point but one. It would be way cuter in aqua! :)

Rebecca W said...

I don't have this but have been thinking about it. Thanks to your review it has moved up my lists of wants.

marisa said...

I have the Crop a dile but not the Big Bite YET! I have the same drawers you had on there and I amin awe of your idea with the ribbons! I love it! May I borrow your idea:)

Thanks for all those ideas! I only used it on paper!

Rhayne said...

I've never used this one but it sounds amazing! I'm still using the classic hole punch and eyelet setter you used to only be able to get at your local fabric store :o)

Beedubya said...

I love, love, LOVE my Big Bite!! I just bought it last weekend and can't believe I waited so long to get one. You're a smart cookie to have put the metallic pen on the SMART cookie!

hugs, Brandi

Gretchen said...

I've debated about getting this tool but haven't yet. I think I would use it a lot but the price (and color!) stop me from getting it. I'd definitely prefer it in green.

Jenn said...

When I use it, I love it, but I dont' find myself using it that much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Susan! I've been wondering what this tool did. Love the idea with the card too. :-)

kgscrapper said...

I do not have this. I have always wondered if I would use it enough to justify the cost. It just seems so bulky. I am going to a crop in a couple weeks,maybe someone there will have one I can take for a test chomp!

Courtney ;-) said...

I've asked many people, many times why I would need the Big Bite since I already own the little one and was never given a good reason (IF I were to need to punch a hole in the middle of my page, I would just use my trusty hammer tools!)
BUT I went ahead and took the plung on Saturday and bought the Big Bite! Can't wait to play with it after your FAB review! :)

Dania said...

Thanks Susan,

I've always heard bad reviews about the crop a dile, mostly that it squishes the eyelets. But it sounds that this might work. I love to weave ribbons through my layouts and this tool looks like it will make nice opennings for me, especially since it can go in as far as 6". Thanks for sharing.

Cassi said...

i have this tool, but continue to reach for my crop a dile. i think this tool is bulky and a paint to get out of its case and put together each time.

Vicki said...

Oh Susan, you are such an enabler, lol. I have the pink one, guess I need the big bite now. Thank you for all the great ideas, love your daughters necklace, very cool.

marla said...

I have just the regular crop-a-dile but this sounds like a much heavier duty machine. I guess I should use brads and eyelets more and if I start too than maybe this would be a good investment to make.

Kimberly said...

I have the little bite and the BIG BITE and I LOVE LOVE them!

Tricia said...

I have the cropadile and the Big Bite and use them both. The cropadile is easier for me to manage with smaller tasks on the edges of things but the Big Bite is a must for reaching and doing heavy duty stuff - no holding the tool - just squeezing the trigger. I could not scrap without either of them. My cropadile is lime green. The Big Bite should match. But it doesn't. Oh well.

Mary F said...

When this first came out like an good scrap addict I HAD to have it! I love it-I've used it for lots of stuff that I thought there was no way it would work on but it did!! How anyone can survive without this is a wonder-because this is one of those tools that you just gotta have-for those items we all have that are just a "little" too thick or hard and you NEED that hole to punch through to make that project to be "perfect"

Mary F said...

What would we do without you and your craftiness-I forgot to add that I LOVE the marker idea--it's one of those hit yourself on the side of the head "why didn't I think of that" things that just make reading your ideas so awesome!!

Yaritza said...

I love my big bite. I got mine when they were introduced through QVC. That batch was defective and they were quick to send me a replacement. Once the new one arrived I have not had any issues with it. It's really strong and punched through just about anything.

JennV said...

I have the original crop-o-dile which I love, but Id love to be able to punch eyelets in the center of a page. The Big bite is definitely a tool of my future!

MBstang said...

I love the idea about the metalic marker to highlight the numbers and letters! I have used my Big Bite to punch holes in metal buckets and then use brads to attach flowers to the buckets. Makes a cute alternative to a gift bag.
Love the review and I love my Big Bite! It is one of the most solid tools I own!

Luv2scrap1968 said...

Sadly, I don't have one yet, BUT, I do get to play with a friend's Big Bite when she comes over and I love it!! I save up ideas for it, and when she comes over, I put it to work!! The one thing on my list next time she is here, is the metal pail with flowers put on it!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!

Veronica said...

I purchased it when in FIRST was released! OMG! Can I say, I have NOT found anything it won't punch through? My hubby has even used it! LOL
I do agree about reading the dials. Gonna have to "mark" them myself. Thanks for the tip!

Diane (NH) said...

I have a big bite and love it because of the reach. But I haven't used it much because I'm not a creative person. Your ideas are great! I can't wait to try them out!

Corey said...

I use this sucker ALL the time! I punch holes constantly and love this! I rarely set eyelets which is what it's for! lol but I love it and am so glad I have it!

JoLynn said...

I can't get the grommets to set right on mine. It's probably just me. They bend in and look icky. I LOVE being able to reach far into a project. For that, it rocks. I still grab my Crop-A-Dile I when I can, though.

Kim said...

I love my Big Bite! It would be cuter in lime green! Write the company about that. Mine got where it tore holes in paper. I just punched a row of holes in a soda can and new again! I too have not found anything this will not "bite" through! I love the ribbon on your drawers for colors!