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T-H-U-R-S-D-A-Y!!! (aka "Pump Up the Jam" day!)

Hey Scrappers!
Thursday has long been my favorite day of the week.
I think it stems back to the programming schedule of The Cosby Show in the 80's.
And we want to make THIS Thursday a fabulous one for you by giving you pretty amazing stuff!

Thursday is characteristically our slowest readership day here at let's ROCK the donations today!!! I know you've been eying that Studio Calico gift card and today is your last chance to snag it!!! I considered putting a playlist of sports arena songs up to get your mojo going...but if you need it, just hum Pump Up the Jam in your mind while you head over to Paypal to donate.

Without further's raffle prizes.

A - Two Quote-Unquote books by Autumn Leaves.

B - 7 Gypsies newly released Binderie Punch. Read a TSR review of it here.

C - Lil' Man / Snorkel Double Deck by Cosmo Cricket.

D - Afternoon Tea kit from Scrap Within Reach.

E - $25 Gift Card to Studio Calico.

Ticket purchases begin now and goes through tonight at 9pm EST.
Don't forget to check back tonight between 10-11pm EST for the winners as well at a peek of tomorrows prizes.

For all raffle rules, regulations and information click here.

What are you waiting for?!!
Click the Paypal Donation button in the left hand toolbar to purchase your tickets now!


Jacquie Hart said...

OOOOHHHHHH that Binderie punch is cool, I am going to give this a try again, was hoping to buy more tickets this week but I am a little poor---LOL

Anonymous said...

Here is to keeping my fingers crossed for that SC card! :) Love SC BIG TIME!

Anonymous said...

Where is option "F"...all of the above?!?!?! Way too hard to try and decide which one I want the most. This is the best fund raiser I have ever participated in...would do this every day if my budget would allow it! Hopefully this can be an anual or semi-annual thing for you :) Jenn K. B

Amanda Profumo said...

Ooh! I want that Cosmo Cricket paper pack, and of course, the SC gc! Just subscribed today, WOOT!

rebecca lucille said...

i'm ALOT poor, but I love the site, and love the prizes...