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Provo Craft Silent Setter

{Reported by Emilie Ahern}

The Provo Craft Silent Setter is a compact, affordable and convenient way to punch holes and set brads and eyelets.

The drawbacks with other setting systems. A few years back when eyelets starting appearing everywhere in scrapbooking I saved my money, clipped a coupon and purchased a Making Memories Tool Kit. Immediately there were problems. First, this tool needed a hard surface, often my craft table would not do and I had to kneel on our cement floor to make it work. It took two hands and the noise was a huge drawback. And although the tiny hammer was so very cute, I looked for something more. I then received the Provo Craft Silent Setter as a gift and I am very happy with it. It solved all of these problems I had with the previous setter and was much more practical and economical.

Why the Silent Setter is different. The first thing I liked about the Silent Setter was it's size. In it's case it measures only 7" tall, 3.5" wide and 2" deep. It is considerably lighter than the Making Memories eyelet system and has a zipper which closes it completely which makes it easy to throw into your cropping bag and go.

Second, it contains all you need within it's small case. The setter, tools, healing mat and it even comes with a small plastic container filled with eyelets. I emptied the eyelets and replaced them with my most frequently used small silver brads. Other crafters may feel they need the other tools which come in the Making Memories set, but I never used them.

Third, it only requires one hand. That means you can use the other hand to steady your paper so no slippage occurs (more about this when I show my featured project.) This tool is completely noise free, which means a lot to this Mommy of two.

And lastly, the price is much more affordable than other eyelet setters on the market.

I have personally found this tool to be perfect for my needs. I have especially loved the one hand feature since I often use this product to make shaped outlines with brads as shown in my project here. To create circles or any other shape with brads I simply cut the desired shape from light weight vellum, hold it over the area I want to create the shape around and use one hand to punch the holes for the brads.

What I like
- Lightweight
- Silent
- One Hand operation
- Made from sturdy metal
- Small and compact fro easy travel to crops
- Eyelets and paper piercings can be applied anywhere on your project.

What I didn't like
- Difficult to remove paper which collects in piercing receptacle. (I usually use a safety pin)
- Some of my friends have complained that it takes a lot of pressure to get a clean cut, although I have not experienced this problem (but I do have "man hands").
- Applying perfectly even pressure is difficult to do manually and the lack of perfectly even pressure can make some eyelets tear the paper on back of your project.
- Cannot go through thicker materials like chipboard or metal.

The Dealio
MSRP: $19.99
Comes with: 3 hole punch tips (micro, standard, and large) 3 eyelet setting tips (micro, standard, and large), Setting Mat, Silent Setter and Zippered Case
Purchase Online at and *Create For Less

What do YOU think? I have really love this product, but I would love to hear what you think? Many people I have talked to have NOT had success with it. Have you had any problems with this setter? Do you prefer another? Do you prefer a setter that comes with more gadgets? Let us know!


Yaritza said...

I had it and hated it. I'm not very strong and I felt that I was using all my might and half of the eyelets did not set. I was so glad when the crop a dial and then the big bite came out. Made my life so much easier.

Unknown said...

I've tried it and hated it. Maybe I was too spoiled in using a Crop-a-dile first. Love my Crop-a-dile and very much want the Big Bite.

Heather said...

I tried one that belonged to a friend and found it hard to use. Like you pointed out it seems to slip.

Holly Denghel said...

I have one, but I can't remember the last time I used it. I'm just not an eyelet girl. And for brads, I've make holes. So while I agree this is a great tool if you use eyelets, if you don't use eyelets, it's not really a necessary tool.

lisa g. said...

I agree with the above comments...I have small hands and I'm not the strongest...I find I have to stand up and use both hands to make the holes and flatten the backs of the eyelets. I like the size and portability though, I just don't use it much.

Erica Hettwer said...

Never used it so no comments on it but...I'm giggling like mad about your "man hands". DH is 6'3" and he and I have the same length fingers. Ah, the joy of huge hands! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I had one and hated it and gifted it to someone who had no setter. I have the MM eyelet setters and still use them if I want an eyelet/snap right in the center of my project (with my SMALL hammer). For anything else, I use my cropadile (the small one). I don't use many eyelets anyway but use my cropadile for many things. I find the silent setter very difficult to use, you need a lot of pressure, most of the eyelets get half smashed/ half set.. Not impressed at all!
thanks for your reviews,

Kate Block said...

I have it and use it a lot. I don't use many eyelets but I do like it for brads and I can put the holes where ever I want (not just near the edges). I have seen my friend with her crop o dile and she made it look confusing to use...idk if it actually was. I also have a spring loaded setter (don't remember the brand) that I don't use very often. I have pinched my finger on that one more than once.

Scrapaganza said...

The Making Memories Tool Set is intended for use with the mat-sold separately. I don't think they intended to be used on a cement floor! :)

I have found the silent setter to be the least preferred and most returned. I actually liked the oldie with the springs, until my big bite, now I need nothing else.

Theresa said...

I have not used this particular product.

I do have the MM set, and it does a good job for me.

I also have a Crop-a-Dile and Crop-a-Dile II, and LOVE both of those. The II will punch a hole and set any size eyelet anywhere on a 12x12 layout.

joscelyne cutchens said...

I did not like this product. It worked fine for punching holes, but I thought that it was too hard to set eyelets with. and I too have man hands.

Anonymous said...

I have one and loved it until I got my crop-a- dile and now it sits in my room gathering dust!!! EJ

CJJohnson said...

Couldn't disagree more. The making memories tool kit is the go to for sure. Yes. you need a good surface... but it always works. No finesse needed. Additionally the sewing kit, the craft knife, the straight edge, the rub-on tool... all keepers. the only thing in my arsenal that has made it to every crop outside of my house is the the Making Memories tool kit.

CJJohnson said...

.. and come to think of it, my making memories tool kit came with a pad for setting?

JennV said...

I have a crop-o-dile and love it! I have the Tool Kit II, which has an eyelet setter that I have never been able to use. I think mine might be broken. Thanks for the review, its good to hear about different options!

Tricia said...

I have one but since I got the cropadile and big bite I never use it.

Anonymous said...

I worked for PC and they couldn't get rid of these things fast enough--they over ordered, and they weren't in high demand. The crop a dile takes about 15 minutes to learn and is worth the price.

jill said...

I really like this silent setter a lot, found it easy to use, but I can see how it would be hard if you didn't have much strength. Watch out at Provo craft because occasionally they have HUGE sales on these. I know last September they sold them for 99 cents each.

Ryan Badger said...

love mine. like you, got mine when the kids were little and i couldn't hammer during nap time. i used to use it all the time, now it's less so b/c i got the crop-a-dile big bite. but i do still pull it out, esp. when i need a teeny-tiny hole.

cassie d'ambrosio said...

I purchased this when I first started scrapbooking about 3 years ago. I was mostly scrapping at night in my bedroom after the kids went to sleep and it was noise.
I haven't had any problems getting a clean cut with it. I push it down and kind of move it around, almost like tracing a small circle. It works everytime. I was a TA at CKC for a class where we used this tool. Many scrappers seemed to have a hard time with it until I showed them the roll trick. I recently used this to make holes on a layout (in a large circle shape) without any eyelets. This is the technique from that CKC class. I used a combination of all three sizes that the Silent setter comes with.

annie said...

i LOVE that layout....those circles are fab!!!

Laura1943 said...

I bought my Silent Setter online for $4 !! Yep...$4 ! I do like can put holes ANYWHERE on the paper...I took the class at CKC, doing the circular method. LOVED IT !! I will say, I usually use my CropADile...but I have my Silent Setter handy...and I bought 4 more to give away !!