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Tools & Toys: Scor-Pal

{reported by Susan Keuter}

{three seconds on the clock...she's got the ball...she steps back to the 3-point line...she shoots...and...she SCORES!}
"Nice score...PAL!"
Okay, okay, I couldn't resist. Since school let out it's been nonstop driveway basketball at my house! Forgive me! LOL

I'm coming to you today to talk about the Scor-Pal.

A relatively newish tool on the scene - and a tool that I reach for every single day. Yes I'm a scrapbooker. But I'm also a die-hard quick-and-easy card maker and general paper crafter. This tool fits into every single one of these categories.

The Scor-Pal is a molded plastic "bed", measuring a total of 12.75" wide by 14.25" deep. Pre-cut grooves run along the width of the Scor-Pal at 1/2" increments. There are also a few other groves thrown in for card-making and letter-folding purposes. Basically what this means is that
I have yet to find a measurement that I can not make a score at! SCORE!

The Scor-Pal also comes with a scoring tool that snaps firmly in place at the top of the board. I have yet to lose a scoring tool, because it has a home right there in front of me! SCORE!

The Scor-Pal company also makes an item called the Scor-Mat, that can be purchased separately. It's an add-on I highly recommend. One side of the Scor-Mat is self-healing and marked with every single measurement you could ever want. Both 90° angles and 45° angels - which I use quite often. The other side of the mat is a solid, smooth surface - perfect for using as your adhesive-safe surface. Personally, I let it get gunked up until it's a hindrance, then go over it with my UnDu. This brings it back to "like new" condition. SCORE!

What I Made:

This morning I needed to throw together a gift to take to a friend who's in the hospital. I love taking sets of homemade cards, with the envelopes already stamped with postage. I had about 60 minutes to put this out came the Scor-Pal...

This is what I ended up with - ready to deliver to my girlfriend.

Here is a look at it - piece by piece:

supplies: Coredinations cardstock, QuicKutz die-cut flowers, Pebbles Inc. rub-ons, sanding block

The Scor-Pal has a smooth base, which I think is easier to slide paper on than a foamy base that other scoring systems have. With your paper firmly in place in the corner of the Scor-Pal... you'll get a perfect score mark at 4.25" for an A2 card size. I also used the Scor-Pal to make the diamond scored band on the card. Perfect 1/2" increments are easy to achieve because the paper never moves...all of the lines are there!

supplies: Coredinations cardstock, QuicKutz die-cut flower, Pebbles Inc. rub-ons, sanding block

Gate-fold cards are also a snap. The Scor-Pal has pre-measured guides for the two-folded design. Following the "dots" along the top of the board your card will always meet perfectly in the middle!

supplies: Coredinations cardstock, QuicKutz die-cut bugs, Pebbles Inc. rub-ons, sanding block

Another A2 card, but the green mat I cut I scored around the edges and sanded off some of the color (which is why I love using Coredinations cardstock with the Scor-Pal). Quick and easy, which are the patterns I like to look for when cranking out a set of cards!

supplies: Coredinations cardstock, QuicKutz die-cut butterfly, Pebbles Inc. rub-ons, sanding block

Are you picking up the pattern here? Same concept - but on this band I simply made straight score lines, and distressed them. Easy - yet adds interest and texture to a simple card.

supplies: Coredinations cardstock, QuicKutz Embossing dies, QuicKutz Disco font, sanding block, button, ribbon

And the box that all four cards and envelopes fit inside - made with my Scor-Pal. So simple to put together - and OH so versatile! And the entire "Happy Mail" set was ready to about 45 minutes!

AWESOME SCORE! Well, make that awesome Scor-Pal!

What I like:
  1. Grooves at every measurement I could ever need. Haven't discovered one yet that wasn't available to me!

  2. The additional Scor-Mat. It sits on my desktop and I use it as a work surface when I'm making anything other than scrapbook pages. LOVE IT!

  3. The snap-in scoring tool...haven't lost one yet because I always know where it is

  4. The wealth of project ideas and project videos that are popping up all over the internet. Lots of creative folks out there - using this great tool to make fun stuff!

  5. LOVE that it fits inside my Mimi paper tote - I can take it with me wherever I go on a creative whim!

  6. There are also pre-measured groves for folding business letters. Makes folding 150 Christmas letters a S-N-A-P!

What I didn't like:

  1. The only thing I don't like - is the actual scoring tool itself. I recently made 300 wedding invitations, each one had five score lines {don't's a sore subject!}. That's 1,500 scores. My tool bit the dust about half way through the project. The tip just got too blunt to work with - so I had to switch to my 5-year old bone-folder. However - in doing research for this project, I found that this problem has been addressed by the company and a new, improved scoring tool is being released. I'm assuming at CHA this summer.

The Dealio:
Manufacturer -
MSR: $39.95

I am heading out of town today - headed to the Chantilly Scrapbook Expo. If you're in the D.C./Virginia area and want to see the Scor-Pal up-close-and-personal, I hope you'll stop by. I'll be there demoing the Scor-Pal in the Pugnacious Stamps & Designs booth. If you have any questions or want to try it out yourself with a fun little make-and-take...that's where I'll be!

What do YOU think?
Do you have a Scor-Pal? Are you intrigued? Would you like to see a video on how I made my A2 card box? Have you created an awesome project using your Scor-Pal? We'd love to hear from you - and know what your thoughts are! Better yet, send us a link to one of your awesome Scor-Pal projects!


BethW said...

At least now I know what all the fuss is about. I know the basic premise of the Score-pal but you have explained it so I could understand. Moves to the top of my "I want it now list".

Marla said...

I recently made card boxes for teachers like this one. I have a mini score-it. I NEVER use it because it is really too small for most projects.

Jodi said...

The scor pal is awesome. i just recently picked one up and now, i think its the best thing ever (well the self healing scor mat is awesome too) Once you use the scor pal, you'll never want to use another scoring tool ever.

Christine (MA) said...

Great review Susan! Just picked up one finally after watching you for months using yours. Love the cards. Great job as usual!

pookiepea said...

I LOVE my Scor-Pal!!! I have recommended it and
Scrapyland where I purchased mine to every one of my Scrappy friends. I now will order the mat as somehow I missed that add-on. This tool has made a world of differance in my all my projects.
I had another brand and absolutely did not care for it at all. Again, this is a MUST have tool.
Check out Susan's video for the fun card set, I have made 3 sets already!!!

Yaritza said...

I've been debating on purchasing this set. My only questions are how well does the mat heal and also is the scor pal and mat strong enough to handle setting eyelets or will it crack?

Thanks for a great review.

Theresa said...

I bought the Scor-Pal several months ago after using it at a card class I took. I don't make a lot of cards, but this is an awesome tool to have. I also have the mat for it, which is great for taking with you to crops or for other portable needs.

It makes scoring, folding, etc effortless!

This is a must have for any crafter's tool collection!

Deborah said...

Great Review Susan, Loved the cards. I love my Scor-Pal. I bought some core card stock but never thought of using it on my Scor-Pal that way to look like embossing. I am so excited to try this. Love your review. It was worht the wait. Love, Deborah-Actos

Erika M. said...

I love my Scor-Pal!

carpediem said...

I love my scor-pal and will have to look into getting the mat. I'd be very interested in a tutorial on the A2 box! Many thanks! laura j

Phyllis said...

Great review Susan! I love using my scor-pal. Ever since I saw you using one I knew I had to have one. It makes scoring so much faster and easier. Using a ruler takes so much longer and isn't nearly as precise. Also, love the card and envelope box project - made one for my hubby for Father's Day.

Rebecca said...

I've been eyeing this for quite some time. I make lots of cards and I think this would be helpful.

Would love to see that video! :)

Thanks for another great review!

Jenn said...

I don't have a scorepal, but I LOVE what you did with yours!

Brenda said...

Own it, Use it, LOVE it....

I wish that the Scor-Pal had groves every 1/4 inch... but that is just me because of some of the odd projects I made... but if you are making standard scores this is the way to go!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your review (SCORE!) and love my Score Pal even more. I recently convinced my friend to get one, as I got mine this past Christmas, and she phoned me the day she got it and wondered what we ever did without it!!!
The best part for me about the SCOR MAT is that I put it in the scor pal and then can leave both on the surface of my desk, and not even realize it is there! I have a limited craft area so that helps. I only work on small projects so the workspace is great for me!
Diane Cooper

Penny Smith said...

I REALLY prefer the scor-it board for the actual scoring... EASY to use, the tool to score is attached (right or left depending on which side you attach it.)with a chain and the large board with the 6 inches on each side, ridge on the top and no ridges on the side, makes for some great creative ability...
I LOVE the measurements of the Scor-Pal though! And the mat-both sound useful! Less math! I am ALWAYS up for that!! :0 )
Thanks for the review! They all do what they are suppose to, I guess... I guess it is just preference. :)

Christine said...

I recently purchased a scorpal to also do wedding invitations. Mine only had two folds. Anyway, I don't even used the scorer thingy that comes with it. I used a sytlus. I think it gives cleaner folds.


Unknown said...

I LUV my Scor-Pal! I use it everday, and can't believe I never had it makes scoring so quick and easy with nice folds. I recently saw a star box that Diana, Scor-Pal owner, made and am going to try it this weekend...she has some great tutorials! Best investment I ever made...I purchased the entire bundle, which includes the mat, the tote and an extra scor tool (haven't need this yet)...LUV IT ALL!

Tricia said...

Awesome cards! Love my scorepal although I don't use it as much as most since I really don't like making cards. But whenever I need a neat and tidy fold, out it comes!

Erica Hettwer said...

I don't have a Score-Pal but I bet I could talk my mom into one! LOL! She's a die hard card maker and loves clean lines. This sounds like it's just up her alley.
I would love to see a video on your A2 card box! Pretty please? :D

Vicki said...

Great review Susan and again, you enabler you, lol. It is now on my must buy list. I have seen you use it and you make it soooo easy to understand. It looks so much easier to score with a score pal than using a cutter with a scoring blade, they always score too deep. Can't wait to get one!

Kim said...

Wow! What a neat tool! Thanks for the update on it and how to use it. I am just beginning to get into card making and scrapbooking! My daughters have been doing this for years. The Score-Pal sure fits the mold for a must have!

JoLynn said...

I love my Scor-Pal. It rocks.

Gisèle said...

I saw the this awesome tool at the Crop and Cruise last Feb. Wish I had one, it would be a good thing to have:-)

Monica said...

I'd love to have the Scor-pal. With all the cards I make, this would be a real dream to use! The measurements make it so easy to be precise and quick!

Linda Peterson said...

You will have so much fun at the show. Love the cards you made--the colors are awesome.
Linda Peterson

Sonda T said...

I love the scor-pal. I finally broke down and got one for my business and it's the best thing ever! So glad i made the investment! Great review, Susan!

Dana said...

This is such a great explanation. I wondered why I needed to own this and now I know!!!

The Bridges said...

You made all that in 60 minutes!? You've got a gift. The cards are sooo sweet. I'd love to see a video on how to make the box.

noel joy said...

thanks for the fab review. i really want one of these babies.

MBstang said...

I love my scor-pal. I am so glad Susan recommended it to me! I don't even use my other scoring device that I paid a lot more for and the Scor-Pal is much lighter! Wonderful cards, Susan, thanks for sharing! :)