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Winner Winner...

It occurs to me that there are a lot better dinners I would want to eat besides "Chicken Dinner".
If you were really a winner, wouldn't you be eating filet mignon?
I'm just sayin'.

Okay, here are the winners from today's raffle!

A - Studio Calico Gift Card: Lisa Woodhart (Florida)

B - Afternoon Tea kit: Jennifer Orton (Maryland)

C - Maya Road Prize Pack: Karilyn Avery (North Dakota)

D - Dream Street Papers Prize Pack: Elizabeth Williams (Georgia)

E - Cosmo Cricket Double Deck: Katherine Block (Minnesota)

And here's the sneak of tomorrow's raffle items.
Now, I know you can figure these out!
But you still have to check back tomorrow to see the other two items up for grabs!


LisaNRoxy said...

Holy Canoli! Thank you so much. Love the site and think it is a great resource.

Kate Block said...

I think it is kind of ironic that Iwon yesterday...and I made an awesome CHICKEN DINNER!! Maybe I should make Chicken for supper every night during the raffle!!