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CHA: Provocraft GYPSY News **UPDATED**

eported by Noel Culbertson}


I had the opportunity to sit down with a few execs from Provo Craft this afternoon to hear the scoop on the much anticipated release of The Gypsy. With hilariously wild treks across America recovering Rogue Gypsies leading up to CHA, Provo Craft made quite the entrance to the show this year. After a nice long chat, some hands on time and a lot of laughs, I can tell you I cannot wait to get my hands on this baby!

For starters, the Gypsy is a hand held design studio you can load all of your current and future Cricut cartridges onto. This bad boy will unlock the ability to design elements whenever and wherever you are when the creative *bug* bites. You can design on the go, then plug in when you return to custom cut your fabulous designs.

So many of today's scrapbooks are also the CMO's of their homes (Chief Management Officers). We are managing home fronts, balancing budgets, not to mention traveling around town and across the country with family and jobs. Let's face it, portability is a must. Just think of the last time you left your house without your cell phone! The Gypsy is set up to be both and indulgence and a necessity. Indulgent because it helps to fulfill your creative crafting. However, it is an absolute necessity to save and manage your creative time, so you have more time to spend making those memories to glue on a page.


There are loads of questions surrounding the Gypsy, so here is the scoop right from the top dogs at Provo Craft:

Will I be able to safely load my cartridges onto my Gypsy?
Absolutely 100% YES! Each Cricut cartridge can only be loaded onto one Gypsy. There is a license agreement when you load each cartridge telling you your cartridge is now linked to your individual Gypsy. Your cartridge is still totally usable on its own, through the Gypsy and available as a backup.

How many cartridges will the Gypsy hold?
Thousands! Provo Craft left lots of room for future expansion. With 4 gigs of internal memory, you could load every cartridge in existence and still have room for thousands more.

How long does the battery last?
The battery lasts four hours per charge. The Gypsy comes loaded with an internal rechargeable lithium ion battery.

What kind of tech support is available?
Provo Craft has provided a virtual test drive of the Gypsy on their website. It comes in handy for both deciding you MUST have this product, and for an intro once you have it in your hot little hands. Provo Craft is also working on setting up a dedicated customer service area to answer additional tech support questions. We'll get you that info just as soon as we have it.

What are some of the fabulous Gypsy features?
The Gypsy has a user friendly interface that doesn't require an IT degree to operate. The everyday user can speedily navigate the menus, libraries, design pages and tools.

You can view the cartridges and loaded designs in list format and thumbnail pictures. You can also search for specific images by name or by cartridge.

There are two "cartridges" preloaded onto the Gypsy called Gypsy Font and Gypsy Wanderings.

When designing an image to cut, you can mix and match designs from all of your loaded cartridges. Opening up thousands of new options for your die cutting pleasure.

You can save your designs right on the Gypsy for future cuts.

Now this next little gem was something that I've wished for many times. For example: you cut out a small design on a dazzling piece of Bazzill Bling. You can save that cut into your Gypsy's memory. When you're ready to cut the remaining parts of the paper, the Gypsy can recall the previously cut area. This means you can really cut the rest of that piece of cardstock around the previous cut without accidentally overlapping a previously cut area. More options, less waste. Now, that's an all around super cool feature!

Lefties rejoice! The Gypsy is designed to be used either left or right handed. The screen will flip to suit the hand of you choice. Isn't it the little things that sometimes just throw something right over the top?! I love that.

Now this takes it off the top and sends it right over the edge into greatness. Provo Craft has come out with a line of Gypsy "skins". Skins are cute little decorated rubberish covers for your Gypsy. They will be available in several designs and colors to suit your mood of the moment.

When will the Gypsy be available?
The Gypsy will be shipping in time for the holidays. So keep your eyes peeled in November to get your hands on this baby.

What is the MSRP for this amazing little guy?

So for all of the wandering, freedom seeking, on-the-go scrappers looking to break boundaries of an electrical cord length... the machine of your dreams is here.

I heard from Provo Craft regarding lost, stolen or destroyed Gypsies and their uploaded cartridges. Here's what they had to say, "If anything does happen to your Gypsy (lost, stolen) Provo Craft can/will help get your owned cartridge library onto a new Gypsy."



**As soon as The Scrap Review has a Gypsy in hand, we'll be bringing you a hands on user review of the Gypsy.**


Erika M. said...

Looks pretty cool!

Brandi Wiggins-Côté said...

I don't even HAVE a Cricut and I STILL want a Gypsy! LOL! Great review, Noel! I double dog dare you guys to go get those as PERMANENT tatoos...sniggle!


Aly Dosdall said...

awesome! thanks for the detailed coverage. this answers all my questions--what a cool product!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. It's much too expensive for me, but it does look like a cool product. My main concern would be the fact that once your cartridges are loaded on this device, it can't be used on any other Gypsy.... WHAT IF your Gypsy malfunctions/breaks/gets losts/gets stolen/the baby drops it in the toilet/throws it in the swimming pool/the dog uses it as a chew toy, and a million other "what ifs" and now you've not only lost a $300 gadget, but ALL your cartridges that have been loaded onto it? I still think it's way too risky. I know it wouldn't be Provo Craft's fault if your Gypsy were to get lost or stolen, but what if it just stops working? Say in 10 or 15 years, or even a few years? Are they going to replace the Gypsy and ALL the cartridges you had loaded onto it? What if some cartridges become discontinued during that time that you had loaded onto the Gypsy that broke? Are you SOL?? Even if I could afford to buy one, I don't think I'd be willing to take a chance. Heck, I can't even afford to buy the cartridges (even on clearance at Wal-Mart, they're still too expensive for this girl's budget) so that's why I have SCAL. That all being said, I look forward to your review of when you actually use the Gypsy. Love your site. :)

Gretchen said...

The Gypsy looks very cool! Actually makes me want to think about getting a Cricut versus the other one that's at the top of my list. Love the idea of being able to sit and design anywhere I want!

Tracy L. said...

The fact that you CAN use cartridges on both your Gypsy and your Cricut machine makes me really want one. I guess, and I'm glad to say, initial reports of the Gypsy wiping out your cartridges were false. I am SOOO getting one. C'mon Christmas :)

Karen said...

WOW!!! This is going straight on my holiday wish list!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks cool but I think there are other ways to use $300.00 plus tax. I would take one and use it if it was given to me but no one I know could do that in these days and times.
Having said all that I think the review was great! Thank you
Jeanne K

Gretchen said...

Fantastic review. Love the idea that you can mix and match cartridges and save your work. I don't have a Cricut and it still sounds intriguing!

Vicki said...

I saw a demo of this at the CHA Craft Super Show and it looks amazing. I don't have a cricut but if I did, this looks like it would make it easy to not only have all your cartridges in one place but to be able to design on the screen. It looked very easy to use.

Anonymous said...

I too saw the demo at CHA. It looks amazing. I am not so sure I will be investing because I love my expression BUt ya never know...???...

Melissa Kaye said...

Thanks for the review. I'm very curious about the reviews once it is actually released. I'll be waiting at least several months after it is first released before I decided if I'm getting it or not.

mom of fab five said...

Now if it were actually a phone as well i might then be able to justify the price to my hubby--thanks for the review-we were just talking about this this weekend at convention--trying to get an understanding on it--I can definitly see the benefit but still a tad pricey in this economy

CRH said...

Wow, sounds like an awesome thing...if you could afford it and still feed the children...LOL, I could not do both, but I had a question??? Could you upload your friends cricut share images? This might make it more justifiable?? For me anyway...I only have to cricut carts and always are saving to buy more, but I have friends that have 20 or so carts...