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CHA Sneaks: TaDa Creative Studios

At first sight, I wasn't sold on this first collection TaDa sneaked. I thought "why would you create so many papers with large circle tiles on it?"

Than I realized that every paper represents a different holiday. So, if you are a tile paper loving gal... this collection will make you more than happy, it will have you set for every holiday!


Are TaDa's whimsical papers for you? Do you find the patterns hard to use or easy?


Ally said...

Hmmm, definitely not for me. I'm sure someone who enjoys really themey papers might like it, but I find both the patterns and designs rather unappealing. Sorry.

Heather said...

Just not my style at all. To me these are great examples of papers that I'd grab on a whim then be clueless how to use. I'm also just not loving the add-ons. Each set seems to be exactly alike just with a switch of colors.

stacy said...

I love the tiles but would probably be afraid to use them but they are beautiful. The eieio paper is the cutest.

Jennifer said...

I love the EIEIO paper! I would definitely use that!