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Fiskars Premium Crafter's Trimmer

{reported by Emilie Ahern}

When you start scrapping you usually become accustomed to one brand for a certain product. The first time I bought a Trimmer it was the Fiskars 12" portable trimmer. The grey one with the swinging arm. But as with anything, you become familiar with how it works and many times stay loyal to that brand. When I upgraded from that trimmer I went for the Fiskars 12" portable trimmer which had been redesigned and improved upon. I scrapped happily with that model for years. Sure, sometimes it was slightly inaccurate and there were a few things I felt could still be improved upon, but overall I was happy.

Then, I strayed from Fiskars and tried a Purple Cow trimmer (look for an in depth review of those trimmers at a later date). I was not a fan. So I went back to the Fiskars portable.

Now, you're probably wondering, why the tale of trimmers past? Because I feel it is important to note that certain products which may not work for some scrappers do work for others scrappers based on their comfort level with the brand. Also, many of the features of the Fiskars Premium Craft Trimmer which I mention are important to me since I consider them a direct upgrade from existing features. When considering how to set up this review it seemed easiest to compare the existing features and upgrades that make it better than previous models.

Now, let's get to it.

What I like:
- the trimmer is a lightweight and very portable. I always take it to crops with me and it easily slides into a crop-case.
- it has a swing out arm that shows measurements up to 15".
- unlike previous models, the numbers and dashes which guide your cut length continue onto the hinge of the swinging arm. A definite improvement from previous models.
- the swinging arm has a raised portion on top to make sure that the paper you are cutting does not get unevenly lined up.
- there is a lock that secures the swinging arm for travel and for keeping the kids safe.
- they widened the base deck to a full 6” of measuring space. Altogether, when closed the unit measures 9" wide x 14" tall.
- the trimmer has very sturdy anti slip grips on four corners.
- a printed grid on the deck shows many standard measurements for card-making and scrapbooking.
- it has 1.5" of trimming area to the right of the blade. This has come in more handy than I would have thought.
- and my personal favorite. Between the plastic channels where the blade goes and you make your cut runs a thin metal wire. The blade hugs the wire as it cuts. That means you can line up the edge of what you are cutting with the visible wire. That means no tiny slivers of white along the side of your project. Voila!

What I didn't like:
- despite the wire guide and arm stabilizer I still occasionally get crooked cuts. This may be a user error. Maybe I am not paying attention as closely as I should.
- the blades seem to need to be replaced often. That may be because I scrap A LOT, but ti still seems a bit excessive. However replacement blades are inexpensive and can be found in many stores, not just craft stores.

The Product: Premium Crafter's Trimmer
Manufactured by: Fiskars
MSRP: $29.99
Available at:*, scrapbook cassie,
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Overall I like this trimmer. It's really good from my everyday use and great to transport to crops. And while it is not the TSR TOP PICK for Trimmers, it is a real contender for a great trimmer at a reasonable price.

What do you think? Tell us what you think about this trimmer. Do the new features appeal to you? Do you prefer another trimmer (with similar features) over this one? Let us know!



Amy said...

i have a fiskars trimmer, but an older model. i agree that the blades, recently, have had to be replaced A LOT! maybe there's a reason for this???? i don't remember having to replace the blades so often before. thanks for the review ~ HATE those slivers that i have to handtrim! haha! :)

Aly Dosdall said...

i have found the same--crooked cuts sometimes and blade dulls quickly. but it's easy to use, small, and light which is a plus for crops.

Ashley Harris said...

I have the earlier rotary desktop trimmer and I love it. It is by far the best trimmer I have owned. I have found that if it has a cutting bar beneath the blade runner, then that is the problem of your dull blades. Don't replace your blade, just flip over the cutting bar. However this is a track blade not a rotary so I am not sure if this applies.

Unknown said...

I use the CM portable trimmer for crops or scrappin at a friends. It is similar to this with the slide cutting mechanism. I find it is very good. At home however I use my purple cow guillotine trimmer and love it! Perfect cut every time! I find the only draw back to it is small cuts and for that I use a CM personal trimmer which is a guillotine designed for small cuts especially photos.

Tricia said...

I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect trimmer it seems. I have a fiskars 12" that I use at crops and often on a daily basis. I'm used to it and I've learned to compensate for the inaccuracies I guess. I also have Making Memories Trimmer that was super expensive and it SUCKS! I hate it! I have a fiskars guillatine (sp?) trimmer that is great for making big cuts, but not small ones. I will definitely check out this fiskars trimmer! Thanks for the review!

Erica Hettwer said...

Ooooh, I've been on the fence about upgrading my little Fiskars to this new one and now I think I will. I love that it has 1.5" on the right! When all I want is a 1" cut from a 12x12 sheet, it's such a pain with my current trimmer.

Great review!

weze said...

I have this trimmer and use it everyday. I do agree that I sometimes don't get the perfect straight cut but love that I can see and line up what I am cutting with the wire!

Lisa Cutler said...

I use the EK Succes Cutterpede and I LOVE IT. This has been my ONLY trimmer for over 3 years. the rotary blade hardly ever has to be replaced and I can cut up to 4 sheets at one if I had to. I like a rotary blade because it never catches on paper like has happened with the Fiskars ones. I rarely ever get a crooked cut and its only because I didn't have the arm straight or something. I also love that I can replace the thin cutting pad if I got a bad cut or something and i can just turn it around or over so it lasts along time.

I also have several blades that I can interchange with it. So I have a scallop, zig zag and scoring blade and can pull each off as needed.

Carolyn G said...

First hand knowledge that there was a development issue with these trimmers initially. It took weeks of back & forth with Fiskars to get my warranty replaced. Now that I have the "newer" new one, I am in love with it! The problem was that the replacement blades were rubbing against the guide wire & dulling the blade (you could here it run along the wire), creating bad cuts & fraying the wire. If you have ANY of these problems, call Fiskars.

Rebecca said...

I am still in the market for a premium trimmer, a product I believe the scrapbooking companies have ignored.

I have the Making Memories trimmer and am still not happy with it yet. The bottom guide has a gap, so my paper can slide underneath, making my cuts crooked. The blade claims to be self-sharpening, but is starting to dull and there is no remedy. I would love a heavy-duty trimmer, one that can take lots and lots of cuts without sacrificing performance.

My quest continues...

Ms. Cheryl said...

I use a 12 inch Fiskars trimmer I bought 2 years ago and LOVE it. It is not fancy at all. The only thing special about it is it is PINK!!! That is why I bought it. Anything pink is up for grabs when I see it. The only thing is now I need replacement blades and can't find any in pink. This trimmer was made to support breast cancer awareness and I haven't seen any since I bought this one. My little trimmer has been very good to me. thanks, ms.cheryl

Betsy said...

I have this one and it's my fave of the portable trimmers. I love the larger surface and the wire is a nice feature as well. I do get the occasional crooked cut and like you chalk it up to user error.

Penny Smith said...

I have the "ole fashioned" fiskars, and plan to upgrade to this one... but does it fit in the tool bag, or is it too wide??

Kelly said...

my very first trimmer was a Fiskars (purple I believe). It never really grew on me. After much research I decided on (and love, love, love!!) the Uchida Trimming Buddy and the CM portable trimmer. I am now the proud owner of the Purple Cows Ultimate Trimmer that I won during the Scrap Review raffles. I haven't tried it yet, but can't wait.

cassie said...

I started out with an inexpensive blue Fiskars trimmer. It's very portable, but find the cuts not perfectly straight. I won a purple cows trimmer a couple of years ago (the one with two types of trimmers on it. I like it because it holds the paper down tight. It also cuts very straight, but I cannot cut small pieces because of the way the measurements are. If you put a small piece of paper on it, it can't reach the measurement marks so there's no way to cut them.
I also have the Making Memories trimmer that folds. There was a review here on this one in the past. I love the MM trimmer. It cuts straight and I can cut the tiniest sliver off of a piece of paper. I only had one problem measuring with it when the size I wanted was at the hinge of where it folds - no ruler in that small spot.

StampingJan said...

I too have had the grey Fiskars to start with and when I had trouble with the guide, Fiskars customer service was nice enought to ship me a replacement. I then upgraded to the more current Fiskars model that seems to cut a bit straighter. I have also love to use the fiskars paper trimmers with the scoring blade. I have not tried any other portable paper trimmer. I have been happy with this one.

Kristin said...

I started with a Cutterpede - but could not for the life of me get a straight cut all the time. It really did bug me, especially when trimming photos. I have since bought a Fiskars desktop trimmer (so larger than the one reviewed) and love it. Its easy to get a straight cut and as yet have not had to change the blade (have had it since April - though will have to soon) love that there are different blades. I am seriously thinking about getting this smaller one for crops etc.

Marla said...

Fiskars trimmers CAN NOT be beat!! I also am a loyal fan. I started out with the old gray and orange one and now have this very same one that is pictured above. I LOVE how easy it is to use.

Janette said...

I used to use Fiskars, but now I only use the Making Memories trimmer. It is fantastic. I scrap a lot and cut a lot, and I don't get crooked cuts, AND it can shave off the tinest sliver of paper. Love that.

billiejo said...

I have several Fiskars trimmers and love each one for various reasons. I agree with Emilie that a person gets a feel for a certain brand and with me that is Fiskars. I love the grid work and the 1.5" to 2" grid to the right of the blade.

Elizabeth said...

I currently use the MM trimmer, I really like it. It seems to cut straight (if I line things up correctly). What I love most about it is, the 12x12 surface, it makes it easier to line things up. I think I'll hold on to this one for awhile before I go on the trimmer hunt again.

Denni said...

I used to have the old gray one too for a few years and decided to upgrade to something just a little more haevy duty. I just got the one pictured above (today actually!) and I'm so frustrated! It won't cut or score exacty straight, and it's not much but it's really obvious when you make a card. I'm not sure If it's just the particular trimmer I got, or the wire is out of line, or what. Help?