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Hip Hip Hooray...

for Candian Scrappers!!!

Today is Canada Day and as such we decided to salute our Candian Scrappers. We love our friendly neighbors to the North.

Today, we salute these amazing Candian Scrappers:
(in no particular order)

Brandi Wiggins-Cote (our very own)
Rebecca Cooper
Sue Sykes
Cari Locken
Vicki Boutin
Claude Campeau
Sarah Hodgkinson
Ann Costen
Kathy Thompson Laffoley
Kimmie Prout

If we left your favorite Canuck Crafter off of our list, feel free to leave a comment with their name and a link to their gallery and we'll add them.


Lovin' Life said...

Hey!!! I just had to mention Gabrielle Pollacco because she is one of the most talented scrappers I have ever seen and she is CANADIAN!!! Yay Gabrielle!! I love her work and stalk her work! She's AMAZING!!!!!!! Here's her blog that will link you up to all her fabulousness :D

Melissa said...

Ooh, Melanie Louette ( and Cheryl Overton (!

Taryn Lopshire said...

For sure you need Kristine Davidson on your list!!

DMYK said...

Oh I have a few to add!

Lecia Forrest

Anam Stubbington

Trisha Ladouceur

Peg said...

and one of my faves

Anonymous said...

I just want to help : Vicki Boutin's link isn't the right one... Here it is