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The ProvoCraft GYPSY Update

This has been a weekend filled with GYPSY speculation like no other.
We had no idea when we broke the details about the GYPSY what a firestorm we were going to create. So let me elaborate.

Our Sources
We got our information from 3 different women who were a part of the final development stages focus group for the Gypsy. All three of them said that they were told that loading the carts onto the GYPSY would erase them.

Our Follow-Up
We have contacted Provocraft Customer/Technical Support on three different occasions with three different results. Here are the responses.

The question was...Does loading your current cartridges onto the GYPSY cause them to delete the information from the cartridge itself?

Call 1 - Yes. Because of piracy protection and the current technology available we had to make the information a one time transfer. Otherwise the cartridges would just get passed from one Gypsy to the next.

Call 2 - No. It does not erase the information on the cartridge.

Call 3 - No comment. We cannot confirm or deny whether it will erase info from the cartridge itself. ProvoCraft is planning a full reveal at the end of this month and at that time ALL of the information will be available.

We are still currently in the process of contacting some of our first hand sources from Provocraft (not just their general Customer Service). We will post any updates here as soon as we have any additional information.


Anonymous said...

WOW who would have thunk! Well I am not sure what the deal is and I have heard so many things I will just wait and see. I hope that it does not as I won't buy it if it does and though it sounds like a good product So did CDS and we still have issues that have not been fixed with that program....

cre8ivgrl said...

Just wanted to help clarify some mis-information regarding Cart usage with Gypsy! I have it from a pretty reliable source (pretty high at provocraft) that no- the carts will not be erased. So if you own a cart and download it to your Gypsy - your friend can't take the same cart and upload it to her's. The carts can only be downloaded to the original users.
So with that said- I can not wait to get my grubby hands around one!