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raffle update

Dear Scrap Review readers,

To all who have recently emailed regarding raffle prizes, I am so sorry for the late update. My computer recently crashed and I have been battling viruses and trying to save my hard drive.

We sent the prize winners contact info to each and every sponsor within a week of the raffle closing and have been very surprised to hear back that some winners have not yet received their packages.

Please be assured that we are trying our very best to re-coordinate each and every winner and their assigned prizes and to contact the companies who committed to send packages speedily, but have not acted on our emails yet.

What to do if you have not yet received your prize:

If you have NOT received a promised raffle prize and you have not yet contacted us...please do within 48 hours so Ashley and I know who to re-contact as far as expediting shipping. You do NOT need to re-send your mailing info. We have all of that on file from our initial contact with our sponsors.

Please accept our apologies. We did not expect to have to follow-up with our sponsors once the contact information was relayed. We hope to have these matters resolved within one week.