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Vote for PC Gallery Idol

Each year Provo Craft Magazine hosts a card making competition called the PC Gallery Idol. As you can guess, it is set up much like American Idol, with rounds and voting for each round to see your favorites progress.

This year's Gallery Idol has begun and runs from June 1-July 31. After the preliminary round the 1,254 cards were narrowed down to 20 finalists. The remaining finalists' first challenge was to create a wedding card for round one.

You can view the 20 finalists here. Voting will run through noon on Thursday, July 9.

If you would like to vote, you must register (in order to keep it honest by only allowing each member to vote once). There are email boxes you can check which will restrict PC from selling your information, so it seems safe enough.

While there, be sure to check out our very own Ashley Harris, who made the top 20.
Congrats Ashley!!!