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An Announcement

Okay, friends...I want to share something with you.
For almost six months I have been feeling the need to cease scrapbooking.
This will shock some of you. It shocks me as well.

The thing I became published, taught classes, accepted assignments from magazines and Guest Artists spots, I found myself simply "filling an assignment". I often scrapped other people's children because some assignments were gender or theme specific. And somewhere along the line I stopped telling my story. After much thought and consideration I have realized that I need to step away.

But don't worry about this blog!!! I am handing over The Scrap Review to the amazingly capable Ashley Harris, who has been my Senior Editor and will not only continue with the vision of the site, but I am positive it she will make it 10 times better than I ever did. I will still be here over the next two months to fulfill obligations and to leave with a last few articles that I hope will inspire you! Adn i may pop up now again after that to report on the world of digital scrapping.

I have made so many amazing friends through this craft. I was uplifted, inspired and loved by so many incredible women, that I could never imagine my life without. I know our friendships will continue. To you scrappers who have blessed my life....THANK YOU and I {heart} you!



mustangkayla said...

Wow! You have done a fabulous job with this site! After being on a design team I can see how if you were involved with a few you wouldn't have any time to scrapbook for yourself!

Anonymous said...

I'm sad to see u go!!!! But, on the other hand I totally understand, because even though I don't do half of what you do, but I do custom scrapbooks, design team work & teach as well besides an 80% job plus household and family, and I noticed I didn't have time to scrap what "I" wanted to story. You and your wonderful talent will be missed dearly. Hope you will be posting your story LO's in the gallery! All the best to you!

Veronica said...

Oh Em!!!! You WILL be missed, but I TOTALLY understand! You have inspired me over the last year and will continue to do so! I wish you the best and I hope to continue to see your work!

JoLynn said...

I hear ya. I think that's natural. I have been "off the wagon" lately too. Thanks for what you have begun here. It's a great blog.

Linda Peterson said...

I would like to thank you for all of the work you have done. I have learned so much and will miss you.
Take care and good luck!

SmartandSassy said...

I totally understand! I taught card making classes for several years while I sold scrap booking supplies from home. I haven't made another card since I stopped. I would be sad if I had stopped scrap booking my life though. We still admire your work and hope you will return but in the meantime hope that success will be yours in whatever you do!!!!!!

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

love you girlie!!!

Allison said...

I think it is wonderful that you realized that you had stopped telling your story.....because isn't that what its all about!!!!
I wish you well with this new stage in life and thankyou so much for bringing this wonderful site to us!

Scrappin Cheryl said...

I am so sorry to see you go - you added so much to this site! You will be missed, but I totally understand you leaving!

Michelle said...

I totally understand, but want you to know you will be missed!!!


Tina Cockburn said...

You rock, my friend. I'm proud of you for making the right choice for yourself and your family. I wish you only the best, and I thank you so much for all your contributions at WCS and to our craft.

I'll miss you!!!

Melanie said...

What a tough decision but so glad that you feel it is the right one for YOU. Telling your story is what scrapping is all about. It is kind of sad that we can't JUST DO THAT without the added pressures of filling assignments or making a page worthy of publication.

Thanks for setting a great example of what it's all about.