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Product Showcase: Bella Blvd. Flirty and Plastino

{reported by Susan Keuter}

When someone asks me to describe my "scrappin' style" I usually sum it up like this: "A lot of patterns, a lot of color, a lot of photos and a lot of words!" Oh yeah, and being that my last name is Keuter {pronounced "cuter"} the patterns and colors better darn well be CUTE!

So when I was asked to single out one paper company at CHA to report on, I had no trouble, what-so-ever, choosing Bella Blvd.

Bright, bold, fun, whimsical, cheery - and overall KAH-UTE!

And it didn't hurt that Stephanie Hunt (center), the owner of Bella Blvd., and her trusty left-and-right hands Robin and AnnaMarie ooze gobs of cuteness as well!

Miss Stephanie hooked me up with a lovely supply of scrap-goodness - and I dove in. I had the NEW Flirty and the NEW Plastino lines at my disposal. Oh-be-still my color lovin' heart!

Ease of Use Each Bella Blvd. line is made up of five single-sided patterned papers, one sheet of Bits A Bella (tags and journaling blocks to cut apart), one sheet of Cardstock Stickers (labels, accents and phrases) and one sheet of Label Additions (alphabet stickers).

Usefulness Thank you Bella Blvd., for making big, cardstock alphabet stickers. I love 'em, I use 'em...and I'm out of 'em. They seem to have been non-existent from the marketplace for awhile now, so I was thrilled when I realized my need has been addressed.

Why, you may be asking yourself, do I love cardstock stickers so much? Because they are the only stickers that I can do this to...

I routinely paint, sand, hole-punch, heat emboss and stamp on sticker letters. But they have to be cardstock weight to stand up to the torture! Love this classic font, appreciate the upper and lower case letters and the colors are very versatile!

What I liked:

- I so appreciate it when a manufacturer uses "overlapping" colors. And by that I mean, the pink from the Flirty line looks just fine with the pink in the Plastino line. And the blues from the two lines are perfectly A.O.K. mixed and matched together. It's called bang-for-your buck girls...and you get that with these new lines.

- I found it very easy to work with these lines, because I only had five patterns to choose from. I totally mean that in a LOVE IT kind of way! No need to stare at ten patterns, or six double-sided choices...just nice and easy, five fabulous patterns! And I'm tickeled by the fact that these are all single-sided papers. As a card-maker I like knowing I've got an entire side of white waiting for me, at the flip of a wrist.

- But what did I MOST love, after waiting until Sunday afternoon to finish up my projects? The fact that I was able to find matching colors of cardstock in my stash. No off-hue colors, no crazy invented shades of green or yellow...just great, vibrant colors that I were easily matched to my stash of Bazzill, Co'ordinations or Hobby Lobby cardstocks.

What I disliked: I hate this part, because there isn't anything that I disliked. However rules are rules - and I'm here for the full meal-deal. {I did tell the ladies at Bella Blvd. to expect some tongue-and-cheek humor in my "dislike" here goes!}

- Cardstock alphabet stickers...where's the lime green love Bella? {LOL} Seriously though, I could have used a few less lower-cased a, e, i, o and u letters if it meant I could have had one set of numbers!

- What? Didn't have time to perfect vanilla-scented papers before CHA? {LOL}

- And finally, are your cardstock elements all sugar-free? They aren't labeled as such, and I just wanted to make sure! As one currently on Weight Watchers, I can never be too careful! {LOL}

I warned you - it was a stretch. But mission accomplished!

What I made:

Supplies Cardstock: Bazzill - Patterned Paper, Sticker Letters, Sticker Elements: Bella Blvd. Plastino

Supplies Cardstock: Bazzill, Hobby Lobby - Patterned Paper & Sticker Letters: Bella Blvd. Flirty - Journaling Pen: American Crafts Precision Pen - Circle Punch: Creative Memories - Paint: Kaiser Krafts

Supplies Cardstock: Bazzill - Patterned Paper: Bella Blvd. Flirty "Bits A Bella" - Sticker Letters: Scenic Route - Border Punch: Fiskars

Supplies Patterned Paper: Bella Blvd. Plastino - Flower/Brad: Blooms A Bella, Bella Blvd. - Silk Cord/Tulle: personal stash

Supplies Cardstock: Bazzill - Patterned Paper: Bella Blvd. Flirty - Dies: QuicKutz - Ink: Copic - Bling: Want2Scrap - 2007 Shiraz: Trader Joe's

Supplies Patterned Paper, Sticker Letters, Sticker Elements: Bella Blvd. Flirty and Plastino

At this point - I thought I was done. But I had such a big stack of scraps left over, that I had to keep going. One of my favorite things to do, when faced with a stack of scraps, is make up a bunch of enclosure cards. Little 3.5"x 3.5" card-lets! In twenty minutes I had all of these done...

Supplies Cardstock: Bazzill - Patterned Paper, Sticker Letters and Sticker Elements: Bella Blvd. Flirty and Plastino

Supplies Rub-Ons: Pebbles Inc.

Supplies Stamp: Studio G - Inks: Copic - Dies: Spellbinders

Where and How Much
Product Name: Flirty and Plastino lines
Manufacturer: Bella Blvd.
MSRP: $ .79 {all papers} - $4.39 {Bella Blooms}

Available at: *,,

Basically - I'm in love with Bella Blvd. I liked Stephanie the minute I met her. The stories she told me about her company and how she designs, endeared her to me. {She may not know it - but she's on my Christmas card list!} Any company that includes in their "Mission Statement" the dedication to "making new friends" is a company I'm glad to know about!

What do YOU think? So, what do you all think of Bella Blvd.? Have you used their products before? Does seeing some of them used here make you want to rush out and stock-up? Are you as happy as I am about single-sided papers? Do you think I'm silly to dream about vanilla-scented paper? {LOL} Let us know, we love hearing from you!


MBstang said...

Love it! I love how this paper coordinates so well and I prefer single sided paper too --- always hate "wasting" the other side and YEAH! for cardstock stickers. They are much easier to work with! Thanks for the review. I have trouble buying paper online, but seeing all the wonderful items you made will make picking Bella Blvd a lot easier! :)

Joni Parker said...

I have a "wish list" that I start when the CHA sneaks start coming out. Bella is on there with "maybes" ... I think after reading your review, they will increase their standing to MUST HAVE. I too, like single sided paper becuase I hate to waste the other side. Either the second side is "not my style/icky" (lol) and I paid extra for "that"? or usually it's more that both sides are beautiful and I struggle using either.

Unknown said...

WOW Susan! Great projects and I loved reading your review. Great style!

Joli said...

I love Bella Blvd!!!!

Great idea to paint cardstock letters, that seems so easy, why didn't I think of that??

Marla said...

These papers are beautiful. I have yet to see this scrapbooking line of papers any where but online. I love the colors and themes though.

Studio Scrap Craft said...

Obrigada pela visita ao meu blog!!!
Parabéns pelo blog tem projetos maravilhosos!!!!!

Vicki said...

Stinkin cute papers. I am a newbie to this company but can see it's going to be a favorite as soon as I can get my hands on their products. Thanks Susan for the great review, always crack me up!

Aly Dosdall said...

adorable projects, susan! espcecially love the gift bags and the "lime green" layout. you're too cah-ute!

Britt said...

Love the paper's "trimmability!" The paper is just thick enough to be able to trim all those fun robots and cupcakes and butterflies without ripping or bending or becoming just plain unusable. Totally agree with the mix-n-match comment - so true - I used four different collections on one layout, and it looked fabulous!

Shelley Haganman said...

Great projects! Lovely paper!