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Idea Book: Quick & Creative Quizzes + a FREEBIE!

{reported by Emilie Ahern}

Ella Publishing had it's official debut yesterday and it is a fabulous looking site. Very stylistic and artsy. I love that. But more importantly, they are now offering their first wave of online published products. To read more about the eBooks and the site click here to read our exclusive interview. And you know we were the first to get our hands on an Idea Book and give you the full review. We love you like that!

I chose to review the eBook titled Quick & Creative Quizzes by Wendy Smedly and Angie Lucas. I easily found the desired book on the site and was able to add it to my cart without difficulty. The site is very easy to navigate.

The book is purchased and downloaded as a pdf file and requires an up-to-date version of Adobe Reader to view and print your book. (Adobe Reader is available for free download here.)

This eBook is 29 pages long and is in an easy-to-read and view landscape format. No more scrolling from top to bottom.....Hallelujah! The book was very well designed and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I particularly liked the small hints and tips throughout...which were very helpful. The style of writing was light-hearted and fun to read.

This particular eBook is a collection of quiz ideas to use on your scrapbook pages and in albums. There are 12 different quizzes with full details, quiz questions and layout examples by each author. At the end of the eBook there is a free downloadable quiz that is super-fun and would be very easily added to a layout in just minutes.

There is also a companion volume which includes stylishly designed and printable versions of each quiz and layout sketches by Cathy Zielske to help you know exactly how to incorporate these quizzes onto quick and easy layouts.

What I Liked:
- Beautifully designed.
- Easy and immediate download....yay for instant gratification!
- Well written.
- Heaps of inspiration and reusable information.
- Affordable.
- Easy to view online.
- Can easily be printed on your home printer if you prefer a tangible book.

What I Didn't Like:
- Truly, there isn't much to dislike. A lot depends on how you choose to utilize this book (meaning if you exclusively view it on your computer or if you plan on printing it). I don't plan on printing it out and would have liked to see one additional example layout by different artists for each quiz. However, if you were planning on printing the eBook, this would not necessarily be desirable since that would take up more printing ink.

- The companion book is wonderful, but I would have loved to have each printable quiz also available in a layered png format for easy transferring into Photoshop for digital scrappers. It would be so nice to be able to simply open the png file and drag the beautifully designed quizzes onto different papers and journaling tags for completely different digital looks in a jiffy!

What I Made:

(Products Adobe Photoshop CS2 - Papers: Audrey Neal - Labels: Audrey Neal - Word Strips: Kara Fredricks - Fonts: Bebas, Pea Jay)

Where and How Much
Title: Quick & Creative Quizzes
Publisher: Ella Publishing
Price: eBook - $5.99, Quiz Printables/Sketches: $3.99
Purchase here:

The Freebie Head on over to Ella Publishing right away and grab a freebie! Click on Ella Fun along the top tool bar. Click on Text Tricks Freebie and then the download button. VOILA! Pretty cool huh? Post any layouts you make using this freebie in our Flickr group with the title of your project followed by (ELLA Pub) and you could be featured on our site!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

What I think I really love this book. I like the idea of having eBooks available on my computer without clogging an entire bookshelf in my house (nut you can always print it if you want to). I really like the companion downladable files and the overall design and concept of the book. I created the above layout using the printable quiz and Cathy's sketch and it probably took me 35 minutes. Woot! I could see myself using and re-using these quizzes and becoming a huge and loyal fan of Ella Publishing!

What do YOU think? Do you like the idea of Scrapbooking eBooks? Do you think this book would inspire you? Can you see yourself purchasing eBooks in future (remember, you can always print them out on your home printer)? Please leave a comment!


Joni Parker said...

I've been waiting for these since you reviewed them. So excited to go check them out. I can see these being a regular items for me to purchase. YEA!!

Angie Lucas said...

Emilie, that is a ROCKIN' layout! I LOVE it!!! And you must be the speediest scrapper on planet earth. Thanks for the great review. ~Angie

Suz said...

Fantastic layout Emilie! I'm very excited about Ella & can't wait to see more ebooks in the future

sarah_n said...

Hmm, I don't know what to think about e-books honestly. I guess the concept sounds wonderful, but I wonder if I'm more of a tangible person? ;)

Sara Raffone said...

I am always stumped when it comes to journaling on pages. A little help dosen't hurt.

Ebooks maybe good for some and, not for others. Myself I prefer a real hard cover or, paperback book. I work on a computer all day at work and, I really dread having to more things on the computer at home.

However, this book may be worth looking at. :)

Paula... said...

I absolutely love the idea. Being international it is very cost effective in that I don't have a huge postage cost from the US and you get instant gratification - no more waiting weeks for the postie to come.

I also love the companion downloads. I've tried ordering already, however it didn't give any option for those outside of the US through the checkout process. Hopefully this will be rectified soon and I can fill my basket :)

Jill said...

I was excited to finally get the email yest. Think this is a great concept.

Julia said...

I love the look of these books...I'm in Australia and all scrapbook idea books are SO expensive by the time you've paid for postage. I had a good look around their site and I really like the fact that they've given you ideas for how to print out the books and even instructions for printing double-sided. A very helpful and friendly-looking website! Good luck to Lain and Angie in this venture.

Carolyn said...

The good - instant gratification, no more physical clutter (unless I want it)
The bad - I like to take my book with me, I like to handle paper, more sitting in front of the computer.
On the whole though, I like the idea of e-books and will likely buy them.

LovetoScrapLeslie said...

As a digital scrapper addicted to
scrapbk magazines, these ebooks are perfect (particularly since many of our magazines have gone away - boo hoo). Also, I too wish that a pgn file of the samples would be appreciated.
Lastly, I love your sample and plan on scraplifting it! Tks!

Anonymous said...

I think it is a fabulous idea... but a little costly since I have to print it out at my own cost. I can go the store and buy a full magazine for about the same price. Not to mention if I were to subscribe, it would be even cheaper. I am sure they will be chuck full of great ideas, but for a downloadable idea it is just too much for me. I really like to have tangable stuff in my hands to lay on the couch and flip though.

Brandi Wiggins-Côté said...

That LO is awesome, Emilie! I'm off to check out Elle publishing...