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In The News: Cathy Z goes digi

Fans of digital scrapbooking have one more reason to take their hobby online. Leading Internet digital scrapbooking supplies e-tailer DesignerDigitals has added popular designer Cathy Zielske to the site’s already impressive lineup.

Cathy Zielske is one of the most recognizable name in the scrapbooking industry. She will be designing digital scrapbooking layered templates, mini-books and albums among other offerings exclusively at DesignerDigitals.

Cathy’s designs will be available in the store beginning on Saturday, October 10th, 2009.

Cathy Zielske is known in the scrapbooking industry for her clean and simple approach to story telling for scrapbookers,” explained Katie Pertiet, co-owner and creative director at “She will be designing digital scrapbooking and hybrid scrapbooking layered templates, mini-books and complete photobook albums.”

The addition of Zielske to the DesignerDigitals team means an even greater range of computer scrapbooking supplies and designs that are appropriate for the techniques hobbyists are currently using to scrapbook including not only digital but hybrid scrapbooking as well.

*as reported on the Designer Digitals website

To see samples of what Cathy Z has in store click here and here.
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It seems as though more and more companies are turning to digital as the U.S. economic crisis continues. Although many traditional scrappers turn their nose up at the thought of going digital, the changing market may soon force many mainstream scrappers into digital scrapping, as paper manufacturers continue to close their doors and as the scrapping/craft market continues to slump.

Are you hopeful that if the switch to digital is imminent that designs by well known and trusted traditional scrappers like Ali Edwards and Cathy Zeilske will make that transition more enticing? Or are you panicked at the thought of a continuing decline in traditional scrapbooking manufacturers and supplies?

What do YOU think?


BethW said...

Both! I've been doing both for years and there a huge amount of pros for digi-including it can be a godsend for seniors which no one ever seems to write about. But-they are just not the same. There is something organic (and soothing for me) in touching and crafting product. And there is depth-true depth that you can really touch and feel. I have also tried hybrid and with the exception of printing my own transparencies and journaling blocks, it doesn't float my boat. Home printed elements just do not have the color clarity and richness of manufactured ones.
Wow I really went on about this didn't I!

Anke said...

I just like the feeling of the papers and working with my hands. I want to see the colors matching, I like to search my stuff for things that go together etc. I already am computering at my work a lot of time each day, so I don't want to do it as a hobby also. (just reading messageboards and surfing the web costs a lot of time)
So for me: traditional scrapbooking!

Lynette said...

I like the work of making a page with paper, but there are times when digital is fun. I don't think I will be able to give up one for the other.

Jodee said...

I think they both have their good points. I dabble in digi, but I prefer the paper method. It brings out the creativity in me. I don't think the paper side will go away for many years, if ever. There are too many people who want to feel and create with their hands. I believe it is a part of being human. The scrapbook industry may change, but I don't think the paper side of it will disappear.
On the flip, love seeing CZ out there with her own designs! Love her and her ideas!

LovetoScrapLeslie said...

As a 95% digital scrapper, I'm glad the famous traditional designers are jumping on the digi bandwagon!

Scrapamum said...

I am on the computer way to much as it is. Paper gets me away from all of the hustle and bustle. I only do digital for Christmas gifts for the Grandparents.

Lisa Cutler said...

I like to touch my work but I have done some digi. Its sure easier when you only need a computer and someone to print but I have a freind who comes to crops and sits behind her laptop - not nearly as fun.

I love that Ali and Cathy are going digi so that some of the things I love about their work can now be created for myself without recreating the wheel. Ali's recent 10 things template release for example - I know how to do it in paper but the digi version took all of 20 minutes and that was mostly picking the background paper!

I'll be devastated if many more companies go out of business but feel that SOMEONE SOMEWHERE will continue making products for us to use, even if its not the great selection or quality we are used to today.

Heather in AZ said...

I'll tell you for myself I'll go back to putting my pictures in regular photo albums before I go all digital for my scrapping. I just don't care for it at all. If the hobby goes digital totally I'll find another hands on craft to spend my time and money on.

Rebecca Ednie said...

I might try using digi elements but I can't ever imagine going totally digi. I love my paper and real stamps. I have bought a couple of digi stamps and have saved quite a few free digi papers and elements. Just in case I feel like using them sometime. I am just not that into computers to create a whole digi page.

Stef Perry said...

There is something so personal in the act of cutting, stamping, adhering, etc. that digi cannot replace. It has its place for ease of use (i.e. sending/sharing with others electronically) but it's not the same as creating something in person. Kind of like the difference between reading a real book or newspaper and reading the on line...not the same.

mom of fab five said...

I don't see this industry going all digi---but if that is the case i will just use my stash--i have plenty to get me through the millinium--i am too tactile and like the actual depth that you just don't get from digi. As for Cathy going digi it seems like a perfect fit for her--she like the more graphic look/clean lines and that goes right with computer scrapping if you ask me--great for her--hopefully companies can ride out this economic wave and continue to give us what we want--something to have and to actually hold