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i*Top by Imaginisce

Reported by Ashley Harris

You can make your own brads! What?? Are you sure? Those where the thoughts going through my head when I first heard about this new tool that was introduced by Imaginisce. The project ideas were endless and had a lot of potential, so I dove right in.

My first impression was: COOL! This tool looks slightly like the Crop O Dile, but has no direct relation as they perform completely different tasks. So I got it out of the box and started to get to know this new tool. I put in the dvd that comes with this and started watching. Let me tell you, if you get this tool watch the dvd FIRST! It is extremely helpful! You can view the video here at this link: iTop Video.

So after finishing the dvd I went to work. I collected the items I would need. Obviously the iTop. Then I would need brads. They are called Brad Daddies and come in small 16mm, medium 22mm and large 28mm sizes.I then got my punches. One of the cool things about this, is Imaginisce have templates you can trace and cut your paper out, but they have punches! They come in small, medium and large.

These punches make it a breeze! They do have templates that you can trace, but in my opinion, the punches are totally worth the investment!! *Note that the iTop,templates, punches and Brad Daddies all have to be purchased separately.

Ease of Use:
I have to say at first it is really hard to manipulate. You have to remember to pull the heads to swivel them and rotate them. I also had to tighten the actual heads, as they come loose. This is to be expected. They screw on and off so you can replace the size of the head to go with the size of brad you want to use. Once I got the hang of it making brads became much simpler.

This tool is a tad bit lighter than the Crop O Dile. I think it is a well manufactured tool and should last you a long while.

This tool can be used to make brads for scrapbook layouts, cards, buttons, even hair clips. You can also use the punches to make not only the brad, but other fun shapes.

What I liked:
-I like that I can make multiple projects with this tool.
-It is multifunctional.

What I disliked:
-A little hard to manipulate, but becomes easier with use.

What I made:
This is a cute little 3x6 inch card that I made using the punches to make the flower and the iTop to make the brad in the middle. I love that the punch can be used for more than one function!

Cardstock: Bazzill Basics white Patterned Paper: Bo Bunny Press; Stamp: Stampin Up!; Ink: StazOn; Tools: iTop, Paper Punch, small Brad Daddy by Imaginisce

This 4x4 card was made using the large sized brad. I love that you can decorate your brad any way you want! So fun!!

Cardstock: Bazzill Basics White; Patterned Paper American Crafts; Flower: Bazzill Basics; Stamp: American Crafts; Ink: StazOn; Jewels: Kaiser Craft; Tools: iTop, Large Punch and large Brad Daddy by Imaginisce

This fun layout I used the small brads as accents to my circles.

Cardstock: Bazzill Basics White; Patterned Paper: American Crafts; Pen: American Crafts; Tools: iTop, small punch and small brad daddies by Imaginisce

You can also use tin foil and fabric to create brads as well! If you choose, you can also use photos to make a brad. Just remember to print the photo on normal printing paper as the photo paper is too think and will not work near as well.

I have to admit, I had my doubts when first handling this tool. It felt clunky and really hard to manipulate. Once I practiced and got the hang of it, I have found that I really enjoy it!

What and Where:
Product Name: iTop
Manufacturer: Imaginisce
MSRP: $29.99
Where to purchase: Generations Crafting*,, SimonSaysStamp

What do you think?
Is this something you have been eyeing? Would you be interested in purchasing? What projects would you want to make with it? Let us know!!


Shelley Haganman said...

Great projects Ashley! I didn't know this little gadget even existed! The idea of making my own fabric brads is kind of exciting! Thanks for the review!

Leslie - lilkoala3 said...

It's "multi-fntional?" Does it do something other than make brads? Seems like a high price to pay when you consider that you have to buy the punch (or spend tons of time with the template). I think this would be one of those tools that I would buy, use once, and then watch it gather dust!

Holly Denghel said...

I've seen/tried it and have seen the brads it makes. I wasn't all that impressed. The edges of the brads aren't all that smooth and have random edges. Maybe I'm just picky, but i expect my brads to look a bit more sophisticated. I'd rather have the ones where you cut out small circles and put them on a metal back with a clear crystal over them. I think Chatterbox makes those.

Heather in AZ said...

I've really been wondering about this tool. I'm a bit of a brad junkie and the idea of having ones to match everything instantly really appeals to me.

Thanks for your honest review and for showing several projects made with these. I have to say I'm on the fence with this because I agree with Holly the edges of the brads don't look that smooth. On some projects that would totally bother my nit-picky self.

Lisa Cutler said...

I've seen this and used it in a demo. It didn't work for me. I love that they have punches to make the exact size of paper/fabric, whatever but am not interested in purchasing another gizmo, esp. one that has multi expensive parts (brad maker and punches for precision).

Kate Block said...

I bought one and I really like it. Using pattern paper (as opposed to card stock) helps make the edges smoother. Fabric make nice brads. I like the size of the homemade brads. (So far I just used medium and large.) The first time I used the tool it was a little tricky, but after I got one done I had the hang of it.

asby said...

I got the whole set up at the local scrapbook expo for a very reasonable price. My kit included a carry case (so cute, which holds everything but the punches), the tool, the extra large adapter, all the punches, the templates, and TONS of blanks. I LOVE it!

It does take a few minutes of practice to be comfortable with it. I do find it less awkward for my small hands with fat fingers (arthritis) than the crop-a-dile.

The thickness of the fabric/paper will determine how smoothly the edges look.

As far a purchasing another tool, I'm all about tools that give me options! I'm always looking for that perfect embellishment. Now, if I don't have one on hand, I can easily make one.

Mary F said...

Thank you for the info-but I'm still just not sold on this-the idea is cool but there are way to many different tools to buy-I also sew and have gotta think that there is something out there simular that might work just as well for cheaper. The idea is good but just too much to buy-I'm trying to purge not add to my stuff that gathers dust! I can see how it would be great for some people though.

Rebecca W said...

I saw this at the CHA supershow this summer and really enjoyed it- I didn't find it hard to use- of course I had someone telling me just what to do. I loved the fabric brad I made. I haven't bought one yet as the price is a little steep for a regular purchase but it is definitely on my Christmas wish list.