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Thinking INSIDE the Box - Ikea Komplement Storage Boxes

{reported by Noel Culbertson}

Sometimes we spend so much time thinking outside the box, that it's not an entirely bad idea to step back and think INSIDE the box for a change. Like many scrappers, I'm not only a crafty creator, but also a crafty collector. As an avid collector of supplies, I have tried a lot of different methods of storing said supplies. Shoe boxes to Rubbermaid, and everything in between. One of my favorite cheapie, storage solutions are these little zipper-bottomed polyester boxes called Komplement Storage Boxes from Ikea. They come in a pack of six, with two of each of these sizes 6x6, 11x6 and 11x11.



These babies are perfectly sized for storing embellishments right in their package, while still keeping everything accessible for thumbing through. I use the smaller boxes for storing tags, die cuts, chipboard, stickers, rub-ons, etc. The larger boxes I use for acrylic stamp sets, rhinestone embellishments, etc. The Komplement boxes store nicely on my Ikea cubby shelves (Expedit) and make rummaging through an obscene amount of embellishments a pleasure. I've labeled a few of the boxes with my Dymo Label maker, more for aesthetics than informational necessity. As an added bonus, not that I've used this feature, if the boxes ever happen to sit empty you just unzip the bottom of the box and they store flat. It's a handy feature if you're one who purges often. (Can't say I live anywhere near the purging camp, but I know my husband wishes it for me often.)


The only thing I wish was different about the Komplement boxes is the design of the bottom. It's made of the same polyester, so it doesn't lend itself to storing and moving around heavier items like punches or cardstock. This is really only an issue with the 11x11 boxes, and can be partially solved by cutting a chipboard square to fit the bottom of the box.


The Pros
They're a steal of a deal.
They're sized perfectly for scrappy packaging.
They store flat when not in use.

The Cons
Darn if Ikea doesn't have stores in every corner of the world.
The box bottoms are not very sturdy.
I would prefer it if the package had 3 each of the two smaller sizes, since I find them handier.

Where & How Much
What: Komplement Storage Boxes, set of 6
Manufacturer: Ikea
How Much: $9.99

The Bottom Line
If you're looking for an affordable and versatile storage solution that works for lots of different embellishment packaging... this is a great option.

But what do you really think?
Have great storage solution? Have a product you love way more than this? Been wondering about a storage product you'd like to see reviewed? Tell us what you think!


Unknown said...

i am SOLD on these boxes! i will be getting some for my scrap area! Thanks so much for the review Noel!

Jingle said...

Thanks for talking about these! I have the Expedit and I love it! These look like they would make a great addition and it just so happens that I may be going out to IKEA for dinner tomorrow night, so I guess I'll have to stop in the storage section!

Shelley Haganman said...

I am SO getting some of these! I wonder if you put some cardboard cut to fit the bottom if that would help! Thanks for the "heads up" on these babies!!!

Jenn said...

thanks for posting this, I will have to check it out, it's such a GREAT price

Aly Dosdall said...

how nifty! thanks for sharing these with us...must find an IKEA...=)

Shemaine Smith said...

Great minds think alike, I've had these nifty little guys for awhile and use them for my loose flowers and chipboard :)

marisa said...

I never thought about using them this way. I have them in our sock drawers! I may have to steal them :)

Mary F said...

I may have to take a look at these whenever I go to Ikea next-I've tried everything too and now use the square cubes you can pick up at Michaels and these might just work-thanks for the info!

Carolyn said...

I absolutely love this idea! I have a set I've been using for keeping socks sorted. Who needs sorted socks anyways?

Unused Account said...

I am heading there VERY SOON thanks to this review!

I {heart} Ikea.

HighDesertGal said...

I love these boxes...but no Ikea in New Mexico so I buy in GA when visiting my daughter. I also wish you could buy individuals of pkgs of small.