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In the News: More CK Media Regulars Retire

It's no secret that CK Media has gone through some major changes in the past few years. Although they seemed to survive Hall-Of-Fame-Gate, since Tracy White left a few years back CK Media has gone through major and seemingly non-stop shifts in management. From the hiring of Britney Mellen and Brian Tippits to changing parent companies multiple times, shifting upper management staff from magazine to magazine and the eventual firing of Britney Mellen and Brian Tippits. There was also the demise of Digital Scrapbooking and Simple Scrapbooks magazines as well as the Hall of Fame and Scrapbooker of the Year contests. Then more shifting of upper-level management.

The past few months have brought even more changes. First with the announcements that both Jessica Sprague and Becky Higgins were stepping down and just this past week, the announcements that Founder, Lisa Bearnson, was following suit. These were followed by the even more surprising news that Ali Edwards' column, which has been a staple of the magazine since January 2006, has ended.

Ali made the announcement via her blog on Tuesday stating,

The decision to end the column was mutual; the editors and I both felt like it was time for a number of reasons. I am very thankful to CK for the opportunity and the experience. I am currently working with the magazine to gain access to the Studio A PDF's to add to the initial archive located here. I will let you know when those files are updated.

Will you still see my pages & projects in Creating Keepsakes? At this time, no (you may potentially see some feature articles from me in the future but nothing is currently scheduled).

Right now I am making plans for what's next for me. I will continue blogging. I will continue designing products for Designer Digitals and Technique Tuesday. I hope to do more online education. I will continue telling my stories and making stuff. I am looking forward to moving forward.

(Read Ali's full announcement here.)

It is interesting to note that both Ali Edwards and Simple Scrapbooks celeb Cathy Zielske have recently branched into digital scrapbooking design, creating products for the online digital scrapbooking site, Designer Digitals.

It is also interesting to note that Paper Crafts magazine has seemed to remain unscathed by all of the aforementioned changes to their parent company. In fact, they seem to continually grow and thrive, having recently added to its Go-To Gals team with such card-making celebs as Kim Hughes and Betsy Veldman, among others.

What do YOU think? Could these major changes mean a broader shift from traditional to digital scrapbooking? Will Creating Keepsakes survive the loss of some of its most notable regulars? Do you think printed photobooks like those provided by Shutterfly and My Publisher will take over the struggling scrapbooking market in the changed economy?


Theresa said...

Interesting news - as one who doesn't stay "in the know", it's nice to get this type of information.

For me personally, I CAN do digital designs, but I don't prefer to. I have occasionally done a few books via Shutterfly as gifts when the level of effort for me to put together something hand made would just have been too much work.

I will still stick to the hands on media formats for the most part - I find it relaxing to stress relieving to do something with my hands on a regular basis.

As far as the magazines go, after having the CK group cancel a couple of my subscriptions and getting no money back, I have since switched to the Northridge Media magazines, and I love them so much better. The quality is exceptional and there is almost no advertising, so you get more for your money anyway.

heather skye said...

Scrapbooking in the traditional sense will not necessarily be replaced by the digital version or by photo books. The industry, though, has been under another rapid metamorphosis and it will be interesting to see what 2010 brings:)

JustYolie said...

I will not renew my subscription. I like the "old" magazine and the only reason I stayed was because of Lisa Bearnson. I have enjoyed and learned a lot from her work. As far digital is concern, I have created a couple of Shutterfly books, but I truly love traditional scrapbooking. I will stay with my BHG magazines.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

JoLynn said...

Well, let's just say that I am still not fully over the end of Simple Scrapbooks. That was the magazine that got me hooked, that made me believe that I didn't have to overthink scrapbooking. I stayed true to Creating Keepsakes, as I am a Becky Higgins/Ali Edwards fan. Plus I thought maybe, just maybe, I would see some Cathy Z. in there from time to time. I know everyone who is stepping down is saying that the decisions are mutual, but I am not 100% convinced. These people have HUGE followings. CK Media should have been on its knees BEGGING for them to stay.

So, for now, Google Reader will become my "magazine," I guess. I do like paging through a mag, and I am hoping that digimedia isn't the only option. I still have Scrapbooks Etc., which I find enjoyable as well. Bummer, though.

Beth said...

Nothing will ever change me from being a "hands on" Scrapbooker! The industry may become "leaner and meaner," but I will always love taking papers, embellishments and a photo, and then creating something that I, (and my family) will treasure forever!

Lisa Cutler said...

I agree with JoLynn's comments, completely. I am appalled by the Ck subscription customer service and feel the last year has had sub-par magazine issues (not from the "icons" but the regular submissions.

I think it comes to money for the ones who have resigned. New Track Media doesn't want to pay the experts for their articles so they are dropping them. None of these ladies wants to burn any bridges in a small industry such as this, so I think they are getting rid of Ali, Lisa, Cathy, etc. to save money but it will have the opposite effect if they continue to lose subscribers.

Sam said...

A shift to digital from traditional? No, I don't think so. The printed media, the celebs and online scrapping industry can only show us what manufacturers are offering with ads & promotions and what celebs think the scrapper is going for right now with style and design. However, every scrapper has their own style of scrapping and I think we take a little of this and a little of that and make it our own way, no matter where "they" think the industry is going.

Brooke said...

wow I had missed all these were leaving I knew about Becky and Ali, but wow. I haven't cared for the mag for awhile, I won't be renewing. nor will I be going digi. I love the hands on part of the craft much more so than point and click.

Kim M said...

To me, seeing all those big names jumping ship makes me seriously wonder if the whole CK company isn't just going down in flames and these girls are being smart enough to get out while they can. These girls made the magazine. My sub has expired and I am not going to be renewing it. CK just isn't what it used to be.

SmartandSassy said...

Almost all of the crafts I do are very hands on (scrap booking, quilting, jewelry making, gardening, etc... ) and I don't ever see myself going into all digital layouts. With that being said, however, I also swore I'd never own a digital camera! LOL. I still go back to my film camera from time to time but I have evolved and I imagine in time I will blend some elements of digital into my scrap books too. I see myself already adding text and graphics onto some photos before I print them but could never give up the shopping aspect and love then hands-on fell of the card stock, papers, and embellishments.

Carla said...

I'm not real fond of the photo books unless I need a quick gift. It is so much more fun for me to do the "traditional" scrapbooking and its great therapy!! As for the girls that are leaving/have left CK, I did hear about a few and I read Lisa's blog the other day. I am sad to see them all go, and will probably not renew my subscription to CK magazine at this time. I was a huge fan of those gals, and will miss them. But like a few said, they'll be around doing other things or moving on. And I wish them all good luck!!

MelissaL said...

All of these people leaving the magazine in a relatively short period of time makes me curious as to what's really going on. I wish them all well. I looked forward to Ali's column every month, so I'll miss that, definitely.

As for digital scrapbooking, I don't imagine it will ever be something I'll do. There are people who love it, and I wish Cathy Zielske and Ali Edwards all the best in creating digital designs. The only real similarity I see between the two pursuits is that they are both used to tell stories with pictures. Beyond that, they are totally different.

Sammie said...

I'm curious if there's something going on that we all don't know about. I hope not, because I love getting my CK magazine in the mail every month and would hate to see it go. As for digital scrapbooking, I think more people are definitely going that way more, as it is less expensive and somewhat less time consuming, etc. I do digital scrapbooking myself, as well as traditional scrapbooking, but I don't think I would completely give up traditional scrapbooking. There's nothing like hand-cutting and gluing paper and embellishments!

Francesca Di Leo said...

I've stopped buying CK too, and have now turned to Stampington and Company, Memories for scrapbooking ideas and inspiration.

What I think, Ali, Cathy, Becky, Jessica, Lisa should get together, and start their own magazine!!! blow CK right out of the running. smile.

I also tend to follow their blogs, which to me is so much more fun, and always informative..

all the best,