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Happy Birthday and We're Off!

Firstly, Happy Birthday to our very own Noel Culbertson! May it be a wonderful day for you!!

Next, we are officially off for the remainder of the year to spend time with our friends, family and loved ones. We have truly enjoyed sharing this year with you! We will be back after the first of the year. May you have a safe and wonderful holiday season!
~The Scrap Review


Carla said...

Happy birthday to Noel, and Happy Holidays to you all too!!!
Thanks for all your great reviews and looking forward to your emails in my inbox next year!

klasickewpie said...

Thanks to The Scrap Review crew for a wonderful year of input on products we wanted to know about. Happy Birthday Noel and happy holidays to all of you.

Jen said...

Ditto, ditto! Thank you for the great reviews and have a wonderful happy and safe New Year too!

Shelley Haganman said...

Happy belated bday Noel!!

noel joy said...

thanks girls! i just got back to the wonderful world of wifi! :)