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Winter 2010 CHA Sneak: Crate Paper "Brook"

This feel a bit too reminiscent of SEI's Dill Blossom line from 2007, but with a slightly tweaked color pallet... What do YOU think?


Carla said...

I agree. Alot like Dill Blossom, Mia, and the others they had last summer. Although I do like them all!!

Gabi said...

I think this color palette is very popular this season! For some reason these papers remind me some of BG Origins.

-Gabi from Savannah, TX

KittyMama said...

I like this better than SEIs, but I think it's because the color palette on this one is a bit bolder.

kgscrapper said...

I like this collection a lot. I can see this in many applications. I think it is suitable for girls and boys.

Penny Smith said...

Actually, I think it is a lot like their OWN previous release, Lemongrass... take Dill Blossom and Lemon Grass and you have this current release.
Love their stuff, and love that they stay true to their style, but we need new them, not remakes. :)

Etta said...

I agree it is a lot like Dill Blossom and Lemongrass, but I still love it! I pretty much like everything Crate Paper does...I'm never disappointed.