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Winter 2010 CHA Sneaks: Imaginisce "Magnet Daddies"

Imaginisce announces the first of their new i-top backers for 2010 -- the new "Magnet Daddies". Now you can create your own custom covered magnets. Cover them with fabric, photos, scrapbook paper and more. These new magnet daddies are available in Large (28mm), Medium (22mm) and Small (16mm).

What do YOU think?


Melissa Kaye said...

I'm VERY excited about these. I see endless posibilites and can't wait to get my hands on them!

Etta said...

Very good idea. Don't know if I will buy it (I don't have an i-top), but it's a great idea.

Kate Block said...

i have an I-Top, I think this will be great!!

Unknown said...

Just another reason why the i-top is the next item I am buying. Oh the endless possibilities.