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In The News: Ella Publishing Announces Angie Lucas as President and CEO

As seen on their blog Ella Publishing announced that Angie Lucas has taken the position of President and CEO of the company. This means that Lain Ehmann who was the CEO of Ella Publishing has stepped down.

They also announced that Wendy Smedley joined their creative team. Wendy was the creative editor for Simple Scrapbooks for eight years and has extensive experience in the scrapbooking industry.

Lain Ehmann, will continue to work as a friend of Ella and contribute her talent in that capacity.

I asked Angie what her feeling was after this was announced, and this is how she responded:

"I'm 10 percent overwhelmed by the added responsibilities I'll be taking on with Lain's transition out of the CEO role and 90 percent excited for what the future holds for Ella. I've got a great group of people working with me to grow and build the company: our new addition Wendy Smedley (who's been our top adviser and biggest cheerleader from day one); our eBook designer Cathy Zielske; our web designer Travis Lucas (yep, my husband); our genius programmer Joe Tippets; our brilliant copy editor Rachel Gainer; and an incredible line up of eBook authors.

The momentum has really been building lately, and I can't wait to see where this year takes us. I'm beyond thrilled to be working closely with Wendy again (she was my partner in crime from the Simple Scrapbooks days), and I've heard from some really intriguing potential authors in the last couple of weeks. Truly, the biggest problem we're facing right now is: too many ideas, too little time! And I suppose that's a good problem to have."
Exciting stuff! I am hopeful that Ella Publishing will continue to be successful and progress with these changes. Best of luck to you!


em-il-ie said...

Angie will ROCK IT OUT!
I can't wait to see what is coming in the future.