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Winter 2010 TSR EXCLUSIVE - GCD Tool Follow-Up

I received some much better images of the new tool (as reported by TSR here) from GCD Studios. No other site has these preview images. Yep, you're getting it first...right The Scrap Review. Because we love you, that's why!

There has been a lot of confusion on the GCD official blog release of this tool, called CHIP ART, based on the small photos and because there was not a detailed explanation of each tool. So, let's clear it all up, shall we? These are all sold separately so you can pick and choose which components you want.

1. Mallet used to apply force to your setting tool once you are ready to deboss your image.
2. Sanding Board and Block for creating additional texture to your already debossed imprints.
3. Small Misting Bottle to wet chipboard before debossing. This makes it prepared for the debossing and does not damage the chipboard surface.
4. Block for protecting the table top while debossing and absorbing shock.
5. Paint Brushes to add paint to further highlight your debossed images.
6. Half Inch Punch. Not sure on this one. I assume it's to punch holes in your chipboard/metal surface.
7. Quarter Inch Punch. Not sure on this one. I assume it's to punch holes in your chipboard/metal surface.
8. Rectangle Metal Pendant Kit for making customizable necklace pendants.
9. Round Metal Pendant Kit for making customizable necklace pendants.

Also, here's a closer image of the graphic tins that the alphabets come in. They will have new designs with each release, but here are the four debuting at this CHA.

I hope that cleared up some much needed facts for you!


GCD Studios said...

Hey girls,
It's Heidi Sonboul from GCD :)

I can see that many of you have questions or think that we are repackaging a leather tool. A few months back when Melody set out on this journey, her thought was "I want something that works on Chipboard". you are 100% right that this is just like a leather tool :) however, the metal plate cuts much easier and there are way more choices to design with. We have come out with birds, flowers, banners, and many many fonts! PLUS, this tool makes it way easier to change out the metal stamps. With the old leather tools it's way more work. Our tool pops right off and stays on well while using it.

If you are not a chipboard person, then this is totally not the tool for you. This tool is to help chipboard lovers. plain and simple. There are no gimmicks. This tool allows you to do more with chipboard and have fun with it :)

Also about the spray bottle... it's designed to be able to spray with paint. Sure we all have glimmer Mist at home but are the bottles empty? it's a add-on if you want to make and use your own paint! Easy-peezee :) You can get by with painting or just using Glimmer mist. Come by our booth and I'm sure you'll love it.

Theresa said...

I like the idea - just hope everything works as intended. Nothing like getting my hands on a new tool and it doesn't deliver. I think this will be fun to work with though!

miss guido said...

can't wait to see it in person.

Carla said...

Not something I would rush out and buy right away, but looks like something fun to play with. I don't do alot with chipboard, but after seeing something done with it, I might just be tempted to really dig in and do something with chipboard!

Gabrielle Watson said...

Super I can't wait to see this in person. I love nakie chipboard!! I love making chipboard albums!!

-Gabi from Savannah, TX

Angela Fehr said...

I think this tool looks really intriguing - I can't wait to find it on the shelves at my LSS!