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Winter 2010 CHA Sneak: Martha Stewart "Scoring Pad"

With this Scoring Board, you can score flawless, crisp lines in seconds. This product includes an envelop guide, bonefolder and easily accessible storage compartments. MSRP: $19.99

It will be interesting to see how this product compares to other scoring pads on the market like the Score-It and the Score-Pal.

What do YOU think?


kgscrapper said...

Would like to see a review. How is it any different (good or bad) froma score pal??? I had a bad experience with a MS product (not scrap related) and probably will not buy anything with her name on ever again.

Natalie said...

I'd guess that it'll be really good. Martha's products like these tend to be really nice. Still, I look forward to the review. ;)

Gabi said...

I guess I would need to see this in-person or get a good review on it first because I made any decisions. It is cheaper than the Scor-Pal though, and my mom and I were thinking about investing in one of those.

-Gabi from Savannah, TX

Diane M said...

Is this the same board that has been available at Michael's? It doesn't look any different.

Diane M

tammi said...

it looks good to me, i can't justify the price for score pal but for 20 dollars this sounds like a good value.

Tricia said...

I already have the Score Pal and am not likely to buy another product that will do the same thing.

Rebecca said...

I actually have this and do not have a Scor Pal.

There are many things I like about it: there are scoring lines every quarter inch, which I find to be handy. Also, you can store the bone folder and triangle guide within the unit itself, which I find to be quite handy.

With a coupon, I found this to be a great deal. This is a great scoring tool for my purposes

SherriC. said...

I would totally agree with Rebecca, I do not have any other scoring pad, but I do have this Martha Stewart one, and I LOVE IT!!!! I love that everything stores within the unit, I have made envelopes with it,they turn out great, but I am new to card making and I am not sure of the whole A2 A6 A7 sizing so I need to make each envelope and come up with my own system on how to decide which envelope is the right size for the card I am making. I hope that makes sense.
I think it is very well made and would recommend this to a friend.
Hope this helps...