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Winter 2010 CHA Sneak: More Maya Road

Felt badges:

Wavy Layer Album:

ATC Stand:

Canvas Banner:

Canvas Tag Album:

Square Canvas binder with envelopes and pages:

I absolutely love the felt badges! So cute! What do you think?


Melissa Kaye said...

I like the felt badges and am VERY intrigued by the canvas album. I want to see it used, but I may just buy it anyway. I barely ever do mini-albums, but this seems too versatile to pass up!

janine said...

Lovely Maya Road....I'll take one of everything, maybe two!! Thanks for posting all of these CHA 2010 Sneaks photos. Great stuff!

Kate Block said...

Love the felt!!! I would like to see some finished projects witht he canvas, but it looks fun. Oh did I mention I LOVE the felt??!!?

Natalie said...

Maya Road is ON FIRE!!! I'm lovin' EVERYTHING they've come out with!!! I especially love the felt.... toooooo cute!! :)

Theresa said...

The felt birds and owls are gorgeous, and I am really loving that wavy mini album!

Carla said...

You are right, the felt badges are simply adorable!! Would love to get my hands on some of that canvas, I bet it would be fun to stamp on and alter, way cute!

Anne Thompson said...

I'll take the canvas tag album! Anne, YourMaineStamper