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Winter 2010 CHA Sneaks: Harmonie -- Projects

Here are a few projects from Harmonie using their newest lines!

And their newest product...accent powders. These are designed to be used with their double-sided stickers.

We're intrigued and would like to see more. What do YOU think?


Kate Block said...

I have to see the accent powders (colors, texture, etc) Right away I am thinking "use their double sided stickers"....that might limit me. However, my own die cuts + xyron = my own "double sided sticker" + their powders could add up to amazing!!!

Natalie said...

I really don't know what any of these things are -- but I think the projects look cute. Is it just ideas or are they kits?

Theresa said...

Pretty stuff - would love to give those accent powders a whirl!