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Winter 2010 CHA Sneaks: Piggy Tales

Piggy Tales is offering two new collections at this CHA.



I like Thumbalina alright, but Georgie Porgie seems stuck in an identity crisis....with it's flowers, stripes, plaids and pet themes. What do YOU think?


Carla said...

Thumbelina is adorable!!

Etta said...

I like them both. I actually like the Georgie Porgie and the identity crisis--more variety in one line means more flexibility!

Natalie said...

Thumbelina is SOOO CUTE!! Love it.

Kate Block said...

Love the Georgie Porgie!!!

Gabrielle Watson said...

I'm really feeling the Thumbalina line. I can see myself using this line with the Cosmo Cricket stuff. Yay!

julie.schellin said...

Georgie Porgis has great colors and fun patterns working for it may be mix well with itself, but it sure will play well with others. :)