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Winter 2010 CHA Trends in Sneak Peeks: Sew Adorable

It's all about SEWING. We saw this start to creep into scrapbooking products in 2009 with sewing themed offerings by Hambly, American Crafts and Donna Downey. Well, it seems this trend is swinging into full force at the upcoming trade show in Anaheim. Check out these sewing themed products from a variety of companies being released at the 2010 Winter CHA.

by Hambly

What do YOU think? Are you excited to snatch up some sewing themed supplies? Do you like this trend or wish it would go the way of the owl?


Melissa said...

I really am not thrilled about this trend. I felt the same way about chandeliers....hopefully the next trend will be something I love again. I liked the bird stuff. :)

Anne Thompson said...

Actually I kind of like some of the sewing themed items I've seen--LOVe Maya Road's hangers/pins/scissors and anything by Little Yellow Bicycle. GCD's paper reminded me of a sewing project from 4-H when I was in junior high school and that gave me a laugh as well as a trip down memory lane! Anne, YourMaineStamper

Peggy said...

I like sewing and vintage type themes.

Casey Lu said...

I am not big into the sewing theme but I think it is neat to see how GCD Studio's looks just like the pattern packages my mother use to have. Pretty accurate vintage.

Natalie said...

LOL!! I love trends. I think they're fun. I typically only jump on board if they really excite me, and the sewing fever hasn't hit me yet. Maybe someday. It's a little to vintage for me.

Gina said...

I agree about the owl and the chandelier. Not big on woodland creatures, either. But I love the sewing things. I think the Cosmo line is great. And I especially love that Hambly included some knitting things.

Theresa said...

I think it's a cool trend, although I don't sew much, and haven't had a reason to do anything sewing themed.

But some of these items don't have to be sewing specific when you use them - I particularly like the papers with the strips of measuring tape - that can be used in a lot of ways.

I liked the owl trend, love birds and woodland creatures. I'm up for whatever the manufacturers want to make and sell.