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In The News: NEW Pink Paislee Ezine

Pink Paislee has started producing a quarterly e-zine called Live Pink.

This is more than just a catalog of their products, it is more like a lifestyle magazine. It will feature design team projects, product ideas and various articles.

On the Pink Paislee website they made this announcement...

Our very first Live Pink! magazine is NOW AVAILABLE for download!
After a full year of planning and 3 months of development we have finally
brought our vision to life.

You might be asking yourself what this magazine is all about and the truth is we are doing it for pure fun! I love the joy of getting a shiny new magazine in my hands and this one was no different. Our new lifestyle magazine is full of feature articles, contest announcements, never before seen projects from our designers and other fun product tips. We will be publishing this mini magazine (e-zine I guess you could call it) four times a year. Make sure you are on our email newsletter list to get instant notifications when the next issue hits.

Click HERE to download the debut issue.

What do YOU think? Is this a good move for the industry to move in? Could this replace lifestyle magazines that closed when the economy suffered (like Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion)?

If you downloaded the free Ezine...what did you think of the content?


Lisa Cutler said...

I just d/l the ezine and flipped thru it. Its cute. Lots of interesting ideas and love, as I always do, there is a sketch. I like that its got a good mix for card makers and scrappers as well as a few home dec things tossed in. I wouldn't pay for this ezine as it is only 16 pages but its a great way for PP to get me interested in their products. I'd never have found the ezine if not for the Scrap Review so thanks!

cbk said...

I downloaded the ezine last week and thought it was great, good content, cute ideas and a great sketch. I liked it and am looking forward to the next issue. I don't think I'd want to pay for each issue, but it's a great way for PP to get their products in the spotlight.

Gabrielle Watson said...

I am so impressed. I love most everything that PP puts out, but I'm not sure that I would pay for it if I had to. I do love that it is an ezine though and there are very few pages. It makes it much easier for me to look through quickly, get ideas, and then it doesn't waste any paper! Super... I say keep doing it, and for FREE.

-Gabi from Savannah, TX

Anonymous said...

I have to say as I see more and more of my favorite magazines slowly disappearing from the newsstands, it is not a solemn (maybe solemn is too strong of word), it is not dishearten to see due to the fact that I feel it leaves room for the companies that were represented in those very magazines to branch out into new avenues such as e-zines. I feel a direct company e-zine allows that company to saturate the community with content that is solely directed towards what they want to represent. I have to say in a regular magazine there is limited space for representation, therefore to have a small e-zine represented by one company at a time that you can download, scroll through is becoming the new way to read!! I for one enjoy online reading, I find it less stressful and in a lighter note (less clutter) lol, to read a magazine online!! So I'm all for it!!

GiddyGardener said...

I like it! I found it very similar to the one that Kaiser publishes but PP's has advertisements from other companies. I am saddened by the recent disappearance of so many of the magazines I used to take for granted but have turned to blogs for entertainment. I read PP's blog so will look for this on their site.

Vicki said...

I really enjoyed taking a quick peek at it, looks great and I can't wait to take more time looking it over. I'd rather have the magazines in hand to take along with me.