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Marvy Uchida Paper Trimming Buddy

{Reported by Ashley Harris}

Another trimmer? But of course! I know there is a constant quest going on looking for the perfect trimmer. I know this because I sometimes find myself on that very quest. While attending CHA, I was sent home with this trimmer. Let's see how if it fits the bill of a good trimmer.

Ease of Use: This trimmer is super easy to use. The appeal of this trimmer as the blade is not exposed while you trim. It is enclosed in a compartment that keeps it away from a child's curious fingers. Thank heavens for this! Sadly I have had a few accidents in my house because of this very thing. In order to lift the blade arm, you have to push a release button at the bottom of it. That part was a little annoying, but you get used to it. Changing out the blade is super easy, just twist the compartment open, take out the blade and insert the one desired. Easy!

It is pretty sturdily made but it is lightweight at the same time. It is very well made and will probably last quite sometime. That impresses me!

Usefulness: This is a good sized trimmer. It isn't a huge desktop trimmer, but smaller and more compact. The measurements make sense too. It measures up to 6 1/4 inches without using the arm and will go to a full 17 inches when the arm is pulled out.

Cost Effectiveness: I think it has great cost effectiveness. For around $20 you can buy this trimmer and it will last you a long time.

What I liked:
* Easy to use.
* Blade never exposed.
* Light in weight.
* Very cool perforated blade.

What I disliked:
* Having to release the arm every time.
* The scallop blade is more of a wave than scallop.

What I made:

Using the scoring blade and straight blade.

Using the scoring blade and perforated blade.

Using the scoring blade and the scallop blade.

Where and How Much:

Product: Paper Trimming Buddy
Manufacturer: Marvy Uchida
MSRP: $29.99
Available online: Art Supply*, Crafts By, K8 Memories

Overall this is a very well made trimmer. It is cuts a very accurate, straight line. I like that it has other blades available as well. My favorite part is that the blade is never exposed. HUGE bonus.

What do you think? Are you looking for a trimmer? Is this one you would consider? Let us know!


Theresa said...

A great trimmer is a MUST in paper crafting - thanks for the review! I have had the misfortune to get a couple of trimmers that were not so good, so getting a recommendation from someone else is invaluable!

Zarna said...

I have that EXACT trimmer labeled as a KaiserCutter by Kaisercraft.
Even down to the cartridges...
I loved it!!! until I snapped the clip that holds the blade runner down. I emailed them prepared to pay for the new part but they couldn't sell me one seperately, and I was so sad!

Anne Thompson said...

Hmmm, I need a trimmer and I thought this might fit the bill until I read Zarna's comment. Now I'm not so sure. Anne, yourmainestamper

Erica in Ohio said...

I rather like the scallop/wave blade. It is a little different than what is out there currently.


Kate Block said...

I am considering a new trimmer. I have the making memories magnetic trimmer and I la-lala-LOVE IT!! is rather large and heavy to bring to crops. I have the CM trimmer and wish I had one that had a scoring blade as well as a cutting blade. I might have to give this one a try.

lisa808 said...

I have been looking to get a new trimmer. This one looks good. But, as I don't have any little kids around, I may not be happy with the arm release.

Gisèle said...

I actually received this on on Crop and Cruise last Feb. At first I did not like it because you cut from down and up. I t was different than my Cricut one and my Fiskars. Now it's the one I use all the time:-) I have most of the blades and the scallop and wave are pretty close shapes. Anyways, been using it for a year and all the time! Also I love that the blades are switchable and easy:-)

Kelly said...

After much research I decided on this trimmer and have been happy with it ever since. I've had it for over a year now and love everything about it!

StampingJan said...

I am seriously looking for a new portable trimmer. I will most definately consider this one. Thanks for the review!

faith said...

I have too many trimmers already, but this looks like a good one. I definitely trust the brand..