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Winners and Our 2nd Annual Raffle Week!

Firstly let's get to the winners of recent prizes shall we?

BoBunny Block Party goes to...

Karyle said...

I love this line. I would use it for invitations to our 4th of July BBQ and my grandkids summer scrapbook pages. I love the stars and the brads...oh my goodness I love it all. Thanks for the chance to win.

The Girls' Paperie...
Danielle Holsapple said...

I love soft palletes but don't use them as often as I would like! I was actually planning on going to my lss to pick up this line today - but they were closed! :( Winning it would rock!!!

Now for the Mint Motif sets...

Casey Lu said...

I like what you did with them! I don't stamp that often and it is probably because I don't have a large assortment of ink pads. I do like the patterns though and would probably use them for cards and mini's just as you did. So many possibilities with this set. I also am not crazy about the all caps on the sentiments but would still use them. Thanks for the review, very helpful and enabling!

Congrats to you and be sure to send your mailing address to!!

Now, it's RAFFLE WEEK TIME!!! YAY!! Here are all the details for the fun!

When is the raffle?
Monday June 7th-Friday June 11th

Why are we having a raffle?

To help offset the costs of running this fabulous website.

But just what are the costs involved?
- domain names registration.
- prize packs to mail.
- galleries needed upgrading to a PRO account for the blinkies to work.
- newsletter account upgrades for exceeding the free limit of subscribers.
- postage to mail review materials to team members.

...and it goes on from there.

How's this raffle going to work?
Each day's raffle will run from 9:00am-9:00pm EST. Each day of the raffle we will have an assortment of prizes for you to purchase tickets for a chance to win. The day's raffle winners will be announced each night between 10-11pm EST.

How much is each ticket?
Each raffle ticket costs $2. Therefore, all donations should be in even numbers. $10 signifies 5 tickets, etc. All donations are automatically changed by Paypal into US Funds.

Can I buy tickets at any time during the raffle each day?
Yes. It doesn't matter if you purchase your tickets at 9:01 am or at 8:59pm...your tickets will count towards the day's drawings. Tickets purchased after 9:00pm EST will be rolled over to the next day's raffle.

Do my purchased tickets roll over to the next day's raffle?
Only tickets purchased after 9:00pm EST will be rolled over to the next day. You will not have a cumulative ticket count as the week progresses. Each day starts a new raffle with new ticket purchases.

Can I specify which item I want my tickets to go toward on a certain day's raffle?
No. As with traditional raffles, you are putting your tickets into a pool towards any prize. Winners will be chosen at random and blindly.

What is the money raised going towards?
100% of the money raised will go directly towards the running and maintaining of this site. No one on our staff makes a wage or gets paid.

What if I want to donate to the site, but don't want to be entered into the raffle?
If donating during our raffle week please put DONATION ONLY in the notes section of your Paypal transaction. Donation buttons will remain on the site after raffle week and we gladly accept donations of any amount during the year.

Is my donation/raffle purchase tax deductible?
At this time we cannot offer receipts for tax deductions.

If I win, when should expect to receive my prize?
Most of the prizes are being mailed to you directly from the manufacturer. We will pass on your name and mailing address directly to them within 48 hours of your win. If you want your prize shipped to a different address than is linked to your Paypal account be sure to include the desired address in the Notes section of your Paypal transaction.

Are raffles eligible for winners outside of the US?
Yes. You know we love our overseas scrappers! Our prizes are eligible for shipment to Canada and other countries outside of the US.

Can I win more than one prize in the week?
Yes. Because each day is separate, you can definitely win more than one prize during the week. E

Got any questions?
If you have any further clarifying questions please leave them in the comments and we will update this post throughout today, tomorrow and Sunday as needed.


Danielle Holsapple said...

Wahoo!!! Thank you so much girls! I am on cloud nine!!!!

Casey Lu said...

Thanks so much ladies! I greatly appreciate it!