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Summer CHA 2010 Sneak: Bo Bunny Press Cambridge

What do you think?


Theresa said...

I love this collection! Very distinguished looking - perfect for all the men in our lives!

Leslie said...

I really like this as well! As much as I love the florals it IS nice to see more masculine patterns and styles! Thanks, Bo Bunny!

Dawn M said...

I like the concept and colors. I think they're grunged a bit much for me. I'll need to see them IRL

Laura said...

I like the idea of this, drawn to the name as that's where I live!

It reminds me an awful lot (name, colour, grunginess) of the Scrap Within Reach collections Cambridge: and Industrial Park:

The new BoBunny would be a great match for the bits from those collections I have left over! :)

Casey Lu said...

DROOLING.......this totally calls my son's name and for me to get my hands on this ASAP!!!!