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Summer CHA 2010 Sneak: My Little ShoeBox Simple Life

Simple Life (click to enlarge)

What do you think?


Penny Smith said...

They really like their trees at MLS!
Always cute, but I think maybe a bit similar maybe?

Rhonda said...

It is cute. I have a friend who will love the farm animals.

JJ Sobey said...

I think they are lovely, but I don't understand why they are releasing 6 new lines that ALL have pink?

Melissa said...

Very cutesy and unless I am doing something with farm pics I would never choose this. This is more of the way I scrapped in the beginning but not so much now.

Leah the Orange said...

the COLOURS! and lots of opportunity for FUSSY CUTTERS, like me! i love that!

Natalie said...

definitely cute. they're great at cute. :)