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Summer CHA 2010 Sneak: My Mind's Eye Lost & Found Madison Avenue


Happily Ever After




What do you think?


Erica T. In Ohio said...

Oh! Hurry up and release this, I have the perfect photos!

Tamikko said...

pretty little set with lots to pic from :)
has my daughters name all over it :)

Casey Lu said...

Again WOW! Love everything MME!!!!

Diana Fisher said...

WOW! And WOW again!!

julie.schellin said...

that's a BIG collection, and very pretty!

kgscrapper said...

I like it...but after looking through the other MME sneaks it is beginning to fell like...same thing different color.

Nicole said...

I like that it's same thing different color. That means you can mix n match. Plus it'll go great with some older lines like Porcelain or Tres Jolie.

Natalie said...

I LOVE THIS ONE! Very nice! The perfect blend of pretty and sophisticated. :)

Theresa said...

I love all the gorgeous pinks and browns - fabulous collection - I think I need everything!