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Summer CHA 2010 Sneak: Tim Holtz for Sizzix Vagabond Personal Die Cutting Machine

What do you think?


Theresa said...

Isn't that a cute way to get your die cutting/embossing groove on?

Sarah Lou said...

ugly!!! this wont be coming to play at my house - which is odd cause normally i love his stuff.

Unknown said...

I suppose this is appealing to a segment of crafters; seems steampunkish to me. Like the Threadbanger sewing machine, it's a gadget for the newer crowd of crafters that will fill our place when we older crafters croak. ; )

I agree that it is "unpretty" as can be.

Natalie said...

HILARIOUS!!! If I were in the market for one of these, I'd definitely buy it. It's cute. However, no need for it since I already have the machines I want. I wish they were cute like this though. It would improve the look of the scrap space for sure! haha!

Anastasia said...

I am not a TH groupy. Infact, I barely know anything about him or his products. BUT I have been wanting to buy a sizzix big shot express and was about to do it this weekend. Now I will be waiting for the Vagabond. This thing is seriously underrated. It is much better than it appears. It is electric like the express but if it gets stuck while processing, it will automatically go backwards to 'unstick'. Unlike the express, which you have to get a screwdriver out to fix.

Double plus that the darned thing is NOT pink. Maybe I should become a TH groupy just for the fact that he doesn't care for pink either!