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Scissors: Tim Holtz vs. Cutterbee

{Reported by Bethany Kartchner}

Are you looking for a good pair of scissors? Confused by all the different offerings out there? I own two different types of scissors and perhaps my experience will be useful to you.

Tonic Studios - Tim Holtz - Non-Stick Serrated Scissors
This is what Tonic Studios had to say about their scissors...

"These Non-Stick Micro Serrated Scissors by Tim Holtz by Tonic Studios are perfect for scrapbooking and paper projects.

  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Non-stick coating minimizes adhesive build up

  • Extra large Kushgrip Handles for comfort and less fatigue

  • Micro serrated edge great for detail cutting

  • Protective plastic cap for sharp pointed blade

  • Excellent cutting on all types of material including sheet rubber, vinyl and adhesive backed papers"

  • What I Like About the Tim Holtz Scissors:
    1. Great big mongo handle that can easily be spotted on my messy table. (Not that anyone else loses her scissors in the mess...) If you have trouble with arthritis in your hands, these scissors will probably work well for you because of how big the handle is.
    2. The non-stick coating can cut through anything without needing clean-up. I love this!
    3. These scissors are tough. They were built by a man to be durable and well...darn tough.

    What I Dislike About the Tim Holtz Scissors:
    1. I don't like the serrated blade. I found that they left a serrated edge on my fine detail cuts. I like my edges to be clean and smooth. These scissors left little micro bumps visible to only the most picky of people. (Yeah, that would be me.)
    2. Small hands may find these scissors to be too unwieldy.
    3. One user wanted these scissors to be longer as she liked to use them on fabric. Since my use is mainly paper, I found them to be the perfect length. However, if you do plan to use them on fabric, their length may be a problem for you.

    EK Success - Cutter Bee Scissors

    This is what EK Success had to say about their scissors...

    "The Cutter Bee scissors are cute & compact for all your scrapbooking needs. The precision-ground tips are great for precision cutting and expert at cutting right up to the tip and the unique comfort grip handle is easy on your hands. Includes a protective safety snap-on safety cover."

    What I Like About the Cutterbee Scissors:
    1. They are small and are perfect for fine detail cuts.
    2. I've had these scissors for 100 years and they have yet to lose their sharpness.
    3. They are very durable.

    What I Dislike About the Cutterbee Scissors:
    1. They are easily lost amid the clutter because they are so small.
    2. I'm constantly cleaning them with baby-wipes because they get so gunky.
    3. They are pretty small so if you have large hands (like I do) they feel a little mini.

    Overall it is difficult for me to choose a favorite. Both scissors are so different that I find myself using them for different tasks. I use my Tim Holtz scissors for large cuts, cutting tough materials and because I can find them so easily. I use my Cutterbees when I want to do fine fussy cutting and when I need to snip something small. Because both of these products are so well made, you really can't go wrong with either one. So chose your favorite and get ready to fall in love!

    Where and How Much:
    Manufacturer: Tonic Studios - Tim Holtz - Non-Stick Serrated Scissors and EK Success - Cutter Bee Scissors
    MSRP: Tim Holtz Scissors $11.95; Cutterbee Scissors: $10.29

    What do you think?
    Do you have a favorite? What has been your scissors experience?


    Theresa said...

    I have both of these scissors (3 pair of Cutterbees and 1 pair of the Tonics), and I LOVE them all. I also have a pair of generic scissors that I keep specifically for ribbon cutting.

    Jill said...

    I too am in love with the precision cutting of my Cutterbee. Haven't tried the tonic (or any others for that matter)

    Holly Denghel said...

    I have both ... I LOVE the TH scissors. I agree with the serrated part, though. I wish they also made them with a smooth edge.

    The cutterbee scissors are ok, but I've found they're a lot easier to damage. I'm on my third pair, after somehow nicking the blades of my first 2. They're the best smooth blade scissors I have at the moment, but i wouldn't be opposed to finding something more durable!

    Robin W. said...

    I have both brands and use them just about how you described. I find I have both of them on my table when I'm working on a layout. I do wish Tim would come out with a non-serrated pair.

    Erica T. in Ohio said...

    One of each seems to be the way to go.

    Scrapamum said...

    hmm, I don't have either but have had my eye on both. Thanks for the review!

    dazey said...

    I have those TH scissors, but not the others. I agree with you on the serrated issue -- that just bugs me, too. I found sometimes if I angle the scissors a bit it is less noticeable (or maybe I'm just tired those times). But somehow I *have* managed to lose my pair in the mess on my craft desks!

    JJ Sobey said...

    The TH scissors are only serrated on one side. If you flip them over you get smoother cuts.

    Anonymous said...

    This was really useful to me, since I'm currently in the market for a new pair of scissors. I had wondered about the Tonic scissors' serrated edge... I'm a perfectionist, too, so I wonder if the lack of a smooth cut would bother me, too. I actually use moustache scissors for my finest cuts. They are really cheap and have tiny, sharp-tipped blades, perfect for detail work.

    Cynthia Baldwin said...

    Cutterbee also sells non-stick scissors. I have abpair and would highly recommend them!

    Vicki Morris said...

    I have both of these scissors and love them both. I have to say I probably like the Tim Holtz scissors a bit more because I can cut about anything with them. But when I'm out with friends cropping, I use mainly the cutterbee ones.

    Unknown said...

    I have both pairs, I just picked up the TH about a week ago and I noticed the serrated right off, then flipped them over and they do leave a smooth cut. I was drawn to them by their handles, I thought they would feel good, and they do. I must have small hands as I was working on a project and after what seemed the 1,000 cut my thumb was sore and I switched back to my cutterbee's and it felt better. I will continue to use both though as I really like that the TH are non stick and you can cut easily thru heavier products.

    Susanne said...

    I just recently found my CutterBee scissors after they had gone missing in the midst of my journaling basket full of tags. It was a week that proved to me that these are indispensible. It's not their fault I'm messy. Normally the bright yellow is enough for me to be able to spot them.

    Victoria S. said...

    I have 2 pairs of the Cutter Bees and love them! i do not have the Tim Holtz but would like too :-)

    Tiff Firth said...

    I just go past my Fiskars Soft Touch Scissors. Spring loaded, easy, sharp and perfect for bigger cuts or fussy cutting. I've tried others but keep coming back to these ones. Yes, they are more expensive, but oh so worth it.

    Tiff Firth said...

    whoops. meant to say 'just CANT go past....'

    sorry 'bout that.

    Dianna said...

    I love my TH scissors! Sometimes I don't like the serrated edge on the paper. This was very helpful; now I know what scissors to get with a non-serrated edge.

    Ann Cicilie said...

    I have Cutterbee, and I love it! So easy to use, and perfect for those kinds of details I cut out.