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We R Memory Keepers- The Cinch

{Reported by Sharyn Tormanen}

What it is:

The Cinch is a book bindery tool that enables you to bind and create your own books, notebooks, recipe books, school projects, calendars and so much more right in the comfort of your own home.

What I liked:

1. I really liked that The Cinch came with the option of binding with the spiral or the double O wires. The option of binding with the spiral opens up a whole other set of options since it's easy enough to remove and add another item or page. Love that!
2. I was impressed with how the holes don't all punch at the same time, which makes the leverage that much easier and the punching a breeze.
3. The peg that helps to align the longer pages is very easy to use
4. The directions were very easy to understand
5. I really appreciated the wire binding hooks on the side. I deemed it 'clever'. I really made assembling my book just that much easier. I'll admit to being a little disappointed that it couldn't be there while I was punching though so I could just punch and thread.
6. I liked having the ability to pull a punch or two. It made the tool just that much more versatile.

What I didn't like:

1. Of the three projects I made, it was well into the third project before the grease from the hole punches finally went away. I had purposely punched on a stack of scrap first, and it still remained for quite some time to the point that I wondered if it would always be there. (You can see the grease in the close up of the holes in the honey do notebook) Somewhere in the 3rd book, it did finally go away. My suggestion would be to have a note somewhere alerting of this and mentioning that it will go away after a time so that I could continue to punch scraps knowing it would stop.
2. I'm sure it's in how I'm holding my project, or in my feeling that I need to hold my project, but when I pull down the punch bar, I end up pushing it right into my holding hand. I have faith that it will only take me a few more knocks on my opisthenar until I figure out some better positioning.

What I made:

My brother got married Thanksgiving weekend and I had his wife's name for Christmas. I think this was the perfect gift, don't you? I cut notebook paper to 5 x 8.5 and was able to stack and punch quite a few pieces at a time. This gift went together in no time at all and was very well received by my sister-in-law. My brother? He rolled his eyes.


With my second project, I had fun experimenting with all different sizes of paper as opposed to all the exact same size in my first project. With the pull a punch option, this was all very slick and easy to do. I must have a dozen different paper sizes in this one, and they all came together just perfectly. This was a project that I really appreciated having the wiring binding hooks on the side of the machine for.

Christmas Album

For my last project, I bound my December Daily album. This was mostly the same size with just a few off sizes thrown in. Technically, I should have had a large O wire for this one, but the too small one is holding it together just fine.

Where and How Much:

Product Name: The Cinch
Manufacturer: We R Memory Keepers
MSRP: $76-94 - 99.99

What do YOU think? Let us know what your thoughts are!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the review, I am wanting a binding tool and have not decided on which one I want, I really like the idea that this one is spiral and you can add to it at a later date!

Stephanie said...

Great review. I have seen these types of tools in stores for awhile now and had a hard time imagining using one often enough to justify their cost. But now I'm on a mini-book kick and totally see their use! I still have not bought one but this one had caught my eye. I really like other products from We R and with your review, this just might be my next "big" scrapbooking purchase.

Gabrielle Watson said...

I've never actually used the Cinch, but I had wondered how everyone was binding their projects so perfectly. I may have to look into this gadget this year! TFS!

-Gabi from Savannah, TX

PamSpradlin said...

I was actually able to use this machine at class that I took. I think it is very user friendly.

Unknown said...

Great review! I recently acquired the Cinch and am totally loving it!!!

I agree about the grease- I actually watched a Taylored Expressions tutorial on how to use this so I knew to punch on scrap paper first but have to agree with you that there was A LOT of grease. I now punch a few times before using it on my project.

I totally LOVE your TO Do book.

Jill said...

I love that it has double and spiral. I would love to see a review comparing to bia. (sure somebody has done this, but I've been wondering. . .)

Libby O said...

I was wondering if the spirals come with the machine, or your purchase seperately? Do you have cut the spirals to the size book you are making and is that easy to do?

CuddlyBunny said...

I wondered about this machine v. the Zutter Binder ... and ended up choosing the Zutter just before Christmas.

Have you used both machines? I'm so loving being able to bind, that I maybe wouldn't mind eventually purchasing this one, too, if it does something vastly better or very differently from the Zutter.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I would want a binding machine, but after reading this reveiw and reading the comments on and watching the video, I really need the Cinch.

Deb from MT

Anonymous said...

Thanks for using an album with different size pages as an example. I've wondered how difficult it would be to bind that type of album. This doesn't sound too technical to use.

Kathy R

Unknown said...

I have been wanting one of these since seeing them on CHA vids. I too have not bought it though, the cost stops me as I don't know if i will use it enough to justify it to my husband.

Joli said...

I really want this, but I don't make mini albums. I think it would come in handy for the kids and school projects. I don't have enough room to scrapbook EVERYTHING, but I could save some papers and make a little book for each year.
Glad I know about the greasy holes in advance :)

Rebecca Keppel said...

I know others mentioned this, but I too would love a comparison to the Bind it All. It seems the Cinch looks easier and more user friendly, but I'd like to know for sure before I purchase it. Thanks!

Karen Weingartner said...

Thanks for the review!

nicole petersen said...

i can tell you that i have had and broke TWO bind - it - alls. yes, two of them. so, i think they are not a great product.

but, i loooooooooooooove my cinch. i mean love it!!!

it is super easy and very easy to use and punch. i didn't have the grease problem.

it is worth the $. the love the way it holds the binding combs on the side to "build your book."

it's incredible and worth having.

Natalie said...

oooh. i think i need one of these! i never thought i'd want one of these types of machines, but looking at those projects has really got my wheels turning! i think i have a new MUST HAVE to put on my very long list... but toward the top! :)