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We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy

{Reported by Paula Gilarde

WHAT it is: The We R Sew Easy was released with much fan fare at last Summer's CHA - many people that I talked to were excited about this low-tech tool. It's a piercing tool with interchangeable heads that allow users to create indentations for stitching on paper. The basic tool comes with a straight stitch head that creates perfectly spaced holes for stitching. It also includes a needle and, my favorite part, built in storage for the needle within the tool! They recommend using their piercing mat with is a 7x12inch foam mat when using the tool. Currently there are six other stitch piercing heads that can be used with the tool: cross, zig zag, scallop, hem, burst and blanket stitch. We R have also cleverly included examples of multiple stitches that you can create using each of the different heads. The line of products also includes cards of floss with three shades of one color per card.

The piercer itself is simple to use - just place it on the paper and roll. To get more defined holes you need to work on a foam mat. Once you've pierced your holes, you just sew using whichever pattern you like. I found the tool to be well built. It's pretty good value - the tool retails for $7.99 and piercing heads are $2.99 each. I'm a pretty simple scrapbooker but I do love the look of stitching - this product definitely makes adding stitching easier. Check out the We R website for a stitching guide and some tips and tricks on using the Sew Easy.

What I liked:
Clearly the fact that it does what it claims to do is a good thing :) but I also found the tool comfortable to hold - it appears to be ergonomically designed.
The hidden pocket to hold the needle is so clever. I hate having loose needles lying around.
The wide variety of stitches that are possible (and illustrated so nicely) is so helpful.

What I disliked:
The tool is easy to use but I found it a little difficult to maintain pressure for long lengths - this is probably a function of my lack of experience with the tool.
One little thing I noticed was when I changed the piercing heads that sometimes the heads would pop off when I was rolling, possibly because I was applying uneven pressure.

What I made:
For this first card I used the burst stitch piercer head for this card, and three strands of floss.

Supplies: We R Sew Easy tool, Core'dinations cardstock, Martha Stewart punch, Unity (Jillibean Soup) stamp, KI Memories button.

For my second card I used the scallop stitch head and all 6 strands of the floss for a thicker stitch effect. I had a little trouble keeping my piercing lines an equal distance apart.

Supplies: We R Sew Easy, Core'dinations card stock, SRM sticker

In my final card I used the straight stitch head that comes with the Sew Easy tool. In stead of stitching with floss I just drew lines connecting all the pierced holes - super simple and easy. I really liked this effect - it looks like machine stitching without the effort!

Supplies: We R Sew Easy, Core'dinations cardstock, Jillibean Soup twine, Word Art by Ali Edwards.

Where and How Much:

Product Name: Sew Easy
Manufacturer: We R Memory Keepers
MSRP: $1.99 - $7.99
Available at:, and*

What do YOU think?
Is this a tool that you see yourself using? What would you use it for?


Theresa said...

I recall seeing this previewed at the last CHA, and thinking I would like to give it a try, but haven't seen hide nor hair of it since. Thanks for the review and the sample cards - I might have to hunt one of these things down!

Marta said...

I see that and i love it, but after to see some results, i prefer my sewing machine .

Thanks for the review

Gabrielle Watson said...

I recently purchased my Sew Easy tool, and I'm in heaven!!! I absolutely love it. I don't know how to machine sew, and I'm been reluctant to use my sewing machine on paper because I was afraid I would rip the paper or break my machine!!! This is such an easy tool. I have a few of the heads, and I bought some of the floss. IT is definitely easy to use. I made some lovely gifts using my sew easy for the winter time. I will be posting plenty of pictures this week of stuff I made. Check out my blog to see what I made with my Sew Easy tool :)

CuddlyBunny said...

I do like the concept of several piercing "options" in one tool, with storage.

I'd love to read a comparison with other rolling, paper piercing tools, such as the Cutterbee.

Patchi said...

I received it as a gift and I love it! Here is a card I made:

Jennifer Moore said...

I got this tool for Christmas, with the foam mat and all the changeable heads. I love the look of stitching on pages but am totally sewing machine challenged, so I really wanted to try this out! I found that some of the heads, no matter how much pressure you apply, do not always pierce all the way through cardstock. I had trouble with the "burst" head especially. I also think that if WRMK would make the heads CLEAR acrylic, it would be much, much better...that way, you can see where you are rolling (like when you are trying to roll around a round embellishment, around a photo, etc.). Overall, great product! :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to try this, since i hate pulling my machine out and I don't mind hand stitching. The patterns look nice and easier than trying to do it by hand.

Kathy R

JJ Sobey said...

I'm surprised that you had such a good review - this is the first I've heard anyone who was actually satisfied with how well it pierces...

Unknown said...

I haven't seen this yet IRL. I would like to use it as I don't have a sewing machine that works and hand piercing.......

Unknown said...

I would probably use this for faux stitching as you did on your the simplicity and not having to get out the old sewing machine! Thanks for the review..I may have to try this soon!

Karen Weingartner said...

I love it! I have it and while there is a bit of a learning curve, the results are great!

kismet art said...

I have this and bought the foam mat too- I agree that there is a learning curve and do find that on thicker card stock I sometimes have to re-pierce a few holes-also on thicker card stock I have found myself pressing down harder which leaves a faint line on the paper, but as someone who does not own a sewing machine but loves the look of stitching I have so far loved mine.

Victoria S. said...

Yes i would use it on cards and scrapbook pages to make sewing - well, easy!

Unknown said...

I have not ever stitched on paper crafts and feel I have been missing out. Love the look of your projects. With the price of this tool being so low I think I will give it a try!! Thanks

Natalie said...