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Creative Memories

{reported by Shelley Haganman}

Today I am going to be reviewing some products by a great company called Creative Memories. Creative Memories is a scrapbooking company that has been around since 1987. Today they have an online store as well as thousands of in-home consultants that sell their memory keeping products. Creative Memories offers traditional paper as well as digital scrapbooking products. They also have a great website where you can shop, get inspiration and ideas from their many examples from their design team, and see the latest products. I had the pleasure of receiving some of their papers products and cutting system to review.

Ease of use: First I would like to talk about the Creative Cuts Collection. These are plastic pattern pieces that you trace with the Creative Cut tool. I used the letter,number, and shape patterns for my review. I found them very easy to use. They work best with thinner paper but will cut through thicker cardstock and photos. You just need to trace at least twice to get a full thickness and clean cut. Another great thing about this product is that it has an sanding attachment that you can add to the cutting tool to distress your pages/projects. Also, make sure you have the pattern template piece the right side up for it to work correctly. You could also use these templates to draw letters,number, or shapes as well onto your scrapbooking project.

I also was given some of the pieces from the Power Palette Collection and also some paper buttons, tags and tape. These items were very easy to use and colors were bright and fun. All these paper pieces coordinated with each other and made it very easy to use together.

Construction/durability: The cutting system I found to be very sturdy and I liked the way the cutting tool worked. It was very simple as long as you followed the outline of the shape. I found the paper sheets to be a bit too thin for my taste. It was easy to use the cutting system on them but they were just too thin for me. I loved the paper tags, button, and tape. The tags and buttons were embossed too so that was fun. The tape was sturdy enough to manipulate and it didn't tear.

Usefulness: This system is good for someone who doesn't mind cutting their own letters/numbers/shapes. The only limitation is the size. There is only 1. But like I stated before you could trace these patterns too so I guess you really have two ways to use them. I liked the paper and paper embellishments. I thought they were fun and because they are double-sided you have more options. I love it when the embellishments are perfectly matched to go with the paper line and this company offers that!

Cost effectiveness: The cutting system runs $10 for shapes, numbers and $16 for the alpha. Add to that the cutting tool which is $25. I found this to be a bit expensive for such a limited amount of options. Paper ran about $11.50 for 16 sheets of paper. They were double-sided but again I found them thin for .71 a piece. Paper buttons, tags, and tapes were all $8 a pack. Again, I bit more expensive than I would thought they should be.

What I liked: I loved how the patterns turned out once they were cut. I loved being able to place the pattern wherever I wanted on a photo or paper and cut them out myself. I really liked the colors offered and the coordinating embellishments that go with the papers. Very fun and easy to use.

What I didn't like: I felt the prices where a bit steep considering you only have one style of alpha, numbers to choose from. I didn't like how thin the paper was but that is just me!

What I made:

Mini DVD case photo stand: Creative Memories paper, letter "W" cut with CM cutting system, CM paper tape, tags, and buttons

Layout: CM paper tape, buttons, tag, sticker, and heart shape and photos cut with cutting system

Card: CM paper, stickers, and paper buttons

Where and how much:

Creative Cuts System

Creative Memories

MRSP: $10-25

Creative Memories Paper and paper embellishments:

Creative Memories

MRSP: $8-11.50

What do you think? Do you use Creative Memories products? What are your thoughts? Let us know we want to hear from you!


Shawninaz said...

I haven't used these new tools yet but I've always like their cutting tools. Will definitely have to check these out. Great review and thorough!

Jill said...

I'd have to think about whether I would invest more in these or buy a new alpha etc for my die cutting system. Have used a variety of tools, papers, adhesives and I agree that CM is expensive for what you get.

Krysthle Poitras said...

I personally love the CM papers and coordinating flower, button, tags embellishements. It`s really great to have such coordinating products. It makes creating a page or cards so easy.

I also find some of the tools a bit expensive, which is why I choose to go to crop nights at a CM consultants house. She shares all her tools.

Two weeks ago, i also got to use the CM Cricut cartridges and they are awesome.

Finally, the tape is the best that i can find in my town. I love how it`s made of tiny pices. you can choose the length that you actually need without wasting.

Dale Tiernan said...

I was a CM Consultant for 4 1/2 yrs. Their cutting tools are some of the best around. They last and last so I think that may outweigh the cost. The thinness of the paper is to keep down the weight so that you can fit more in your albums making that more cost effective too.

CuddlyBunny said...

I have to admit that these products seem to be a bit, ahm, behind the times?

It's been nearly ten years since I bought very similar products from a different company.

Where's the improvement or twist you'd expect to see with a newly-released product?

I hope everyone sees your review as this product seems to be useful to a very small group of crafters. :(