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Winnerday and something FUN!

Hello and happy Friday to  you all!  Today is winnerday and I will get to the winner of the fabulous Divine Twine momentarily.  First I would like to announce our annual Support The Scrap Review week!  It begins on Monday.   For those of you who may not know what this is, let me explain.   My lovely staff and I work for free.  We do reviews of products that are donated to us by the manufacturer.  However, we remain unbiased and fair.  There are costs that are incurred with running this site.  Mailing of prizes, domain costs, traveling to CHA and such to give you the sneaks there.  So we have an annual week where we post prizes that you can win if you donate to The Scrap Review.  Each day has 4-5 prizes.  When you donate, your name gets put into the drawing for that day's prizes.   It is always so much fun and there are some AMAZING prizes this year!  So get excited, it will be here Monday!!

Now for the winner of the Divine Twine...

Kristina said...

I love the samples you made with the twine. I love the look of it on cards and scrapbook pages.

Yay!  Congrats and be sure to send your mailing address to to claim your wonderful baker's twine!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Ann Cicilie said...


I have a question: In the FAQ's, you write that you'll always tell if the prize can be shipped internationally or not, but when I look at your reviews I hardly ever find that information? It's good for us foreign people to know, so we know if we can be eligeble for the prizes or not :)

I enjoy your reviews :)

Gabrielle Watson said...

Oh yay!!! I love Support Scrap Review week!! I love all the great prizes!! Amazing, yay, yay, yay :)

-Gabi from Savannah, TX

Unknown said...

congrats to Kristina! I am already waiting for Monday!!!