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In the News: Margie Romney-Aslett joins the Bazzill Basics Team

{Reported by Ashley Harris}

Many of you are familiar with Margie-Romney Aslett and her crazy amounts of talent.  Lately she has been in search of a place that "fits".  Earlier this year it was announced that The Girl's Paperie Line of products would no longer be produced by Advantus.   Then we were all excited about her new venture with Authentique Paper Company.  She collaborated with them to create some of their new lines released at CHA.  It seems shortly after that was announced, there was another announcement of her leaving.  It not being a right fit.

Where is she going?  What is she doing?  Well those questions were answered early this week.  She is now the art director in the product development area for Bazzill Basics.  This was announced on both her blog and on Bazzill's blog.   If you are a long time follower of Margie's you will know she is no stranger to Bazzill.  Quite the opposite in fact.  She began her "scrapbooking career" at their store, Scrapbooks, Etc., in Mesa, AZ.  What a good place to start!   (Being from the Phoenix area myself, I often go to that store on special trips.  Think Mecca of all Scrapbook stores!)

So what does this all mean?  Well in my opinion, I hope it means stronger development of their paper lines.  They have cardstock down, obviously.  Their patterned paper lines are coming along, but throw Margie in the mix and you've got something.  Hopefully something special and a perfect fit for both.

What do you think about this development?  


Queenie said...

I think that this is really awesome news for Bazzill. They have been a well known company for a long time with their cardstock and basic embellies, but bringing Margie on to help them in designing their patterned paper is a GREAT step in bringing in a new base of customers (and followers of Margie), but also creating stronger more trendy design!

Thanks for the news! I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of this new partnership!

janet said...

I wish Margie the BEST in whatever she chooses. Margie and Bazzill together only equals success in my book. Good luck to both Bazzill and Margie!

PamSpradlin said...

I am happy that Margie found another home. She has way too much talent not to be something in this industry.

Victoria S. said...

that is awesome! i love Bazzill and i have admired Margie's work for years. great fit! Bazzill is lucky to have her!

Unknown said...

Wow, awesome news for both parties...looking forward to see what's new!