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Ruby Violet

{reported by Maren Benedict}

Ok, I will admit it. I never latched onto the flower craze. Don't get me wrong, I {love} real flowers, printed flowers, and even the smell of flowers. I am just not a fan of the crafty ones. I do, however, adore all things mushroom. So when I spotted Prima's Ruby Violet Collection at CHA, I was drawn to the whimsical, playful and retro look. It is different and eclectic. There are flowers in the line (of course, it IS Prima) but they are not the typical ones. They are funky and unique. Their diversity is more like what really grows in my garden, minus the sassy bauble centers. The depth of the collection is amazing. There are cuffs, embellishments, cling stamps, and designer paper. Of course, being a stamper, I immediately drooled over the stamps. I couldn't wait to ink them up.

What I liked:
1. The variety of the line is amazing. From jewelry to paper crafting, there are lots of possibilities for using the collection.
2. The cling stamps are high quality rubber and have the image imprinted on the foam. This makes them a cinch for use and placement.
3. Most of the ruby embellishments that I used (all but the purple ruffle) came with a Velcro
mount making it easy to switch them out.
4. Mushrooms, snails, AND owls. :)

What I disliked:
1. Some of the embellishment flowers were too big for me. I realize that I am in the minority with this opinion. :)
2. The cuffs only had two adjustable sizes.
3. There are almost too many choices of embellishments. 50 different packages! WOW!

What I made:

How much and where:
Product Name: Ruby Violet
Manufacturer: Prima Marketing Inc.
MSRP: $2.99 and up
Available at: The product recently shipped or is on its way. I found it at Simon Says Stamps so far.

What do YOU think?
So what do you prefer, mushrooms or flowers?  Let us know!


April said...

Am I crazy? I could've sworn I already read this article a couple of days ago, lol! Anyway, I have to say that I am so totally ok with flowers. I have 2 girls that I scrap constantly so it's really easy to love flowers! ;) I don't use them all that often but when the right layout comes along that needs one, I always love that extra little touch it gives...
- April

{VICKI} said...

I am Totally NOT a flower person--real or crafty-nope don't like them.
I'll take the Mushrooms please!

Unknown said...

Flowers are fun, but with 2 boys I tend not to use them as much as the trend would like me too. :)

Renee V said...

Your projects are really cute, love the bracelet! Unfortunately, I was not impressed with this collection at all, guess the colors and quirky embellies just aren't my style.

Lalo said...

MUSHROOMS hands down!!!
Flowers are cool and I use a lot of them but MUSHROOMS are the BEST!!!
I'm loving this new funky side from Prima!!!